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I put titles in as sometimes links work and sometimes not. Will try to fix.

Above is link to, Mountain of God- Jim & Penny Caldwell Interview 1 of 8

Watch all 8 of cource. Shows Jabel el Laws in Saudi Arabia as true Mt. Sinai and all the supporting evidence for that.

The Exodus Case - Dr. Lennart Moller & the Caldwells Interview

The Exodus Conspiracy- pt 1 of 9

Watch all 9.

Helene Teterekidis - Islam Has No Right To Build Mosques, Spread Islam, or Institute Sharia Law In America

Ann Corcoran - Refugee Resettlement

Jay Smith - A Historic Critique of Islam's Beginings

Tom Holland - Channel 4 Islam - The Untold Story (77 minute documentary)

Robert Spencer vs. David Wood ; Did Muhammad Exist 

Exposing the Truth about Common Core Islamic Teaching - Craig Honeycutt

Common Core: Based on UN Agenda 21, UNESCO Standards

Common Core Curriculum - A Trojan Horse for Education Reform

Mr. Abdu Murray - Exmuslin - Embrace the Truth

Christian Action Network - 35 minute version of Muslin terrorist camps 

Rare Earth Elements & Thorium Legislative Efforts - Jim Kennedy@TEAC7

Jim Kennedy - Dependance on China for Military Hardware @ TEAC6

Jim Kennedy - Department of Defence Blocked Solution to Rare Earth Crisis @ TEAC6

National Security, Rare Earth Elements, and The Thorium Problem

The Thorium Problem - Manufacturing & Energy Sector Hobbled by Thorium

Stephen Boyd Interview Heavy Rare Earths @ TEAC6

Quest for the Lost Tribes Simcha Jacobovici

Mark of the Beast and Islam

Am having trouble getting some links to work,might be as have same links in other pages on same site. To find out as much as you can about rare earth development go to and and watch youtubes at thier conferences starting with TEAC6 and then TEAC7 to get aquainted and them go from there. This is our future industries.

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