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We must move beyond symblism as it has become what it was percieved to be in the past, just


gestures. We have seen what it has been portrayed as being in the cinama, someone walks past a church


and they act meek and humble but go and become corrupt as soon as they round the corner. Governing


bodies that overseen this misinterpretation were shunned and lost influence. Reality is that God sees our


every move, even knows our every thought, that  is why Jesus said wherever there are two or more


gathered in my name, there I will be also. Just as Jesus said to pray by ourselves, we also don't  need to


have fellowship to seek  God. To move beyond symblism we must put ourselves on a one to one


relationship with God. The Isrealites used Moses to interseed on thier behalf, but we need to be closer to


God than they were. He already knows everything about you, so there is nothing that you can bring up that


is not already known. The requirements for citezenship are just not to have committed a capital crime and


be willing to be an instrument of God's will. If you require a punishment for a crime you have committed


in the past wouldn't it be best to have it carried out by people who would see to it that the appropriate steps


were taken to regain your eternal salvation. Repentance demands that you stand up and admit your wrong-


doing so as to regain your standing in your community, it is a regaining of selfrespect and uplifting of


position, not an undignified embarrasment. No symbolic gesture can convince your heart to reform and


the symbolic gesture of going to church every Sunday won't  ward off the temtations of the flesh. People


and governments have tried to develop certain daily tasks and rituals to retain quality aspects of character


but all have unfortunatly failed to bring about the required goal. To bring about the nessasary


requirements to see the world populatiuon through the millenium we should  establish a set of realistic


guidelines to retain proper character.  Instead of allowing ourselves to do bad and then to balance our ying


and yang do some good, we should just do good all of the time, after all there is no lasting pleasure in


doing wrong only to have our conscience bother us about it later. There is just to much time lost fretting


about things that were done, when that time could have been spent in an enjoyable atmosphere. We must


be careful not to carismatically enslave others as is done in the Hindu's by telling the lower classes they


just don't have the ability to atain a higher level until they die and are reborn into another class.  In the


book  THE UNKNOWN LIFE OF JESUS CHRIST it is documented that Christ told the Hindu's what they


were doing was wrong and they would be held accountable for it. Ritual chanting never drives the point


home. It is similar to the self induced brainwashing techniches of Alchoholics Anomamos. To live to a


slave of recovery is still being a slave to something.The truth is the truth and it is always eventually


revealed. Fellowship and aspirations are never enough, one must have a reasonable plan of action. Even if


our plans go aray we would be negligent if we didn't make an effort. But we must be realistic in our goals


and uncompramising in our Godgiven principles. It is for Him that we must do what must be done and for


his slain children. READ, LEARN, AND INWARDLY DIGEST.


                It was once proposed that the Nephilim that are mentioned in Genesis 6:4 were the Neandertals.


It was later discarded because it was thought the fossil record showed there existance to be suspect and


there extinction was brought about before humans were alive. Current scientific thought suggests that


they did live side by side. God doesn't do anything without a good reason and it is a fact that they did


exist, so there must have been a function for them to facilitate. When I heared of this theory it was first


said they existed so as to make the animals used to there existance in the animals enviroment so that when


humans came into the enviroment the animals were used to seeing creatures of these proportions dwelling


in there midst. I took this to mean that it was for the animals benifit. This made me very suspect because


animals simply don't need this and animals don't teach traits like that to there offspring,at least to my


knowledge. But I used to think that the earth was created in 6-24hr. days and athough I was suspect, I


felt it would be a betrayal to my teachers to think otherwise. I realized I was wrong when a group of islands


in Iceland were formed and birds flew there to investigate and releave themselves and in so doing planted


and starter fertilized plants which sprang up shortly thereafter even while some linguring vulcanic action


was still taking place. The expansion of creation as spelled out in the sequence of the Bible. Why did God


create birds before other animals? So as to spread out plant life. Where I come from a rock cut in a road


always showed a flat grade of bedrock so it was an easy sell to tell us it was a mass that had rivers cut


through it by running water. But when I seen bedrock with its grain not running flat and level with the


earth this made me highly suspect of my beliefs. I now see this former thinking as nievety and blind


loalty to past teachers. Another holdout reason was there use of phrases like age of rocks, but I didn't


realize what they meant,so the only way to ascertain the truth is to investigate. I found a Christian book


store and found two different books on creation. One lumped all 15 billion years of creation into the first


day followed by 6-24hr. days. This was a compramise between God and science and I thought it to be the


nonscenceible ramblings of an idiot. The other book I got was from Hugh Ross and it was well thought out


and well referanced. Most importantly it made a complete integration of  Scripture and science. For me to


not take it as fact seemed irresponcible, as if I wanted to find fault I would have to sepparately disprove


all his referances, and that would take more than a life time for one person, so I accepted it with blind but


hopefully better informed faith. With all of these people saying these Neandtertal's existed and looking at


Gen. 6:4 objectively it is apparent that the early interpretation of the Nephilim are indeed the Neandertal.


One must consider all aspects and part of that is the way words are said, the sequence they are in, and all


possible meanings. Some distinctions are obvious, the sons of God are human beings with an eternal soul.


The daughters of men are the female Neandertal's. One must remember that the language that was used


had less words in it then, so calling them daughters of men isn't a streach when it is explained that human


males were called sons of God. Some speculated that these sons of God were superhumans with divine


capabilities but there is nothing to substanciate this explanation. It is also a hold over of the wrongfull


total depravity theory. The people who dreamed up the total depravity may have been totally depraved,


but there limitations and inabilities are not mine. When we are born we receive a soul from heaven and


thus we are sons of God, at least until we commit crimes that damn us to hell.   When God said we will


make man in our own image he meant a being possesing a soul. The word in the Hebrew for image has a


meaning of phantom. With a limited vocabulary this is the clear meaning.  In the expanded version of


The Interpreters Dictionary of The Bible it says " The exact meaning of the word is uncertain; it is


therefore left untranslated. Although the word is rendered "giants" in the KJV, it should not be confused


with the more widely used  Hebrew words for giant". Jewish tradition regards these Nephilim as fallen or


more importantly as "inferior ones", which is exactly what Neandertal's were. Without an eternal soul they


were animals but with a likeness to men. In The Strong's Exhaustive Concordance the word shows up only


twice in the Bible. Once in Genesis 6:4 and again in Numbers13:33 and its use in Numbers is to say at the


very least highly suspect. One must read Numbers very carefully, as it is easily misinterpreted.  Quote


"And there we see the Nephilim,the sons of Anak, which come of the giants." The first time you may read


this you may think that when they say sons of Anak they are describing the Nephilim in some manner and


when it says they come from the Nephilim this would seem to substantiate this but this is not what was


written in Hebrew. The words "which come "are not documented in the Concordence only in this sentance


which is suspect . Also they were trying to present size and number so as to present an overwhelming


force which makes the sons of Anak an addition to the Nephilin, not an explanation of who they were.


Which come of the giants being a suspect phrase and there true nature of there enemies heredity not


known makes this statement almost meaningless. God doesn't decieve in his book and in the verces


prior it clearly states with absolute clarity that this is a false and inacurate statement made by people


trying to be purposefully decieteful. They could have completely made up the statement of the Nephilim


to bring up past hidden fear because of how they were involved in man's fall before the flood. So one


can completely ignore this second referance of them and concentrait on the first and only exact referance.


Hints were made in Jewish traditions that the Nephilim existed before man and this is substanciated by


current science. Let's look at this from God's eyes. These eternal soul bearing males took them wives of


all that they chose. One can conclude here that it wasn't a problem obtaining them and to say they married


them meant they had sexual relations with them, not that they had a ceremony. No ceremonies were ever


done back then, esspecially not for having sex with your nieghboring animals. Not having to put up with


constant attitude nor high maintanance this would have seen an alternative. Corruption takes time to take


hold over a person so in the next sentance God shortens the days men live on the earth.  Then is the


explanation of who is being talked about in description as the Nephilim. They existed and also afterward


so they didn't die out. If they took wives unto them it would be understood that there would have been


prodigy without mentioning then specifically. Then " And they bare children unto them," this statement is


important. This statement is put in here as God seen it as an added insult to him for this abomination to


take place. How this coupling could have produced offspring is not of my comprehension but a horse and


a donkey create a sterile mule and a freak coppulation between a cat and a rabbit created a creature that


had a cats head and front paws and back of a rabbit. It stride gated on the front while hopping on the back.


Freaks these unions would be sure to be. No mention of how long these offspring lived or anything that


suggests that they made it to adulthood. In its context one can suppose they were not regarded holesemly.


Being of not a natural union one can conclude they didn't live long on this earth. After all they were


regarded as a byproduct of a met need, not as prodigy. These females were used as sexual gratification


and pet animals not wives. This was done by men of renown, or fame. This takes time and development of


attributes and not nessasary holesome attributes. If the fossil record shows these Neandertals as recieving


wounds that are later healed it is not a streach to assume that humans may have come accross them


injured and took them in and cared for them. This is done widely today by vetrinarians. Even animals now


with broken bones are splinted. Large animals are suspended with girdles even to keep there ruminant


stomachs opperating properly until bones are healed. This close contact could be what initially led to


cohabitation and later copulation. Evils easiest way to enter is through good deeds. After coppulating with


a few of them they just took them whenever the need arose even if it meant killing the male protectores to


ackomplish this. If Neandertals were lumbering dopes they could have been used as target practice and


live training for combat readiness and to develop other forms of combat training. If Neandertals couldn't


understand how to use a bow and arrows they would have been easy prey to obtain there females. This is


probably how these men developed fighting skills to fight other humans and become of notariety. It would


have been easily recognizale that these offspring weren't holy being capable of posessing an eternal soul so


in God's eyes these men were without excuse. Seeing the complexities of this union through God's eyes, do


you give these offspring a soul , a half soul, or nothing , and just the impurity of it all would have been


intolerable.  When males coppulate with human females a soul is sent down from heaven at the time


of conception. And so we see in the very next line God's plan to end it all. If this seems a strech of the


imagination then consider man's inhumanity to other human beings , even the surgical slaughter of 1.5


billion offspring flushed down the sewer with not a grave or any comprehensive or cognisant thought


given to a one. With these fighting skills obtained from fighting Neandertals it would have been easy to


fight against weeker humans and it is well documented throughout history how a carismatic leader can


lead many astray and bring destruction down upon his own subjects. This is the reason for limiting life


spans because when this leader dies a change of power always brings about a change and hopefully most


of the time for the better. If God created Neandertals, or if it happened by episodal evolution,the new


athiest's spin of political correctness, then they had a purpose. If they were to occupy a land until humans


needed it for habbitation then it makes sence to have animals that look like humans. It would make the


animals much easier to prey upon and then the nessasary supper meal was always guarantied. After all


this was in the hunter, gatherer stage with no food storage program thus the need for steady game for 


human survival. Animals that were used to being around human types would not have recognized they


became human prey until it was to late. When you move to another area you scout it out first. The young


men of the tribe would have watched Neandertals obtain food and copied. If the Neandertals were taken by


a bear it would have been better than a human life so scouting would have provided much better insight


with them in an area already than not having them there, after all man's direct assosiation from God had


been severed. God also wanted humans to occupy the whole earth and constantly seeking new lands from


which to obtain game from would have had a spreading out effect. This is how you lead rebellious people,


you don't directly tell them what to do , you indirectly leave them no other choice.  Animals respond


differently to proposed threats. Some bears in the Kamchatka Peninsula pay no mind to humans at all


while others scatter from a proposed threat, the ones that have witnessed humans shooting there pack. But


other animals more livestockish pay no attention to humans at all. A good example of this is the buffalo in


Yellowstone National Park. Sharpshooters are brought in to kill animals that have wandered off. If you


want to see stupidity in action watch these rifleman kill these animals and then are baffled as to why these


animals don't see an invisible fence, something a dog even needs to be taught. Another thing that one


must remain cognicent of is that the were regarded as fair, this meant they were fair in the eyes of the


beholder, the referance coming from the observer not any one else. This interpretation may or may not be


true but people have debated over the flood being brought about through the Bosphorous Strait or in


Tigris and Euphrates river valleys. The simplest explanation is the correct one, both floods happend. we


sometimes want to think if something Biblical happened closer to us we feel closer to God. The Auxum's


Razor Theory does seem to work.


                Insight is a valuable tool to develop. Possessing an eternal soul, God dwells within you.


Contemplation and dicemination of ideas within ones self gives you access to God's perpective without


needing any outside referances. Although to cut a straight line one uses a guide because freehand won't


have the desired accuracy and books and video referances can be of much value when one comes to a


determination from insight it lasts a lifetime.


                God using nature to bring about his vengance to a people he hates doesn't diminish his authority


or suggest he isn't taking an active role. It can be considered true that the pestilance brought about during


Pharoes unwillingness to let the Isrealites go could have indeed been brought about by natural causes


 from an islands freakish calamities some distance away and Sodomn and Gomorah being hailed upon


from pent up gas pockets from beneath the earth but one must be aware of how people can feel his or his


angels presences. If one thinks God used divine force to push back walls of water to pass through the Red


Sea you are in error. Pharoes men followed them, which they would not have done if they would have felt


the presence of divine beings at work. Proper reading of the text ,and the finding of the true Mount Siani


as Jawal Laws  in the book THE  GOLD OF EXUDUS  , you can see how it was done. Moses used his


staff as a measure of his faith in God and the Lord " all that night drove the sea back with a strong east


wind " . God used hurricane force winds to drive out and lower the water level in the Gulf of Aqaba


exposing a ridge of high land. The text says they went on dry land in the midst of the sea, not through


walls of water. One could use the terminoligy of having walls of water but that can mean over the side of


an embankment, and not nessasarily walls of water above your level. When this water wanted to return to


natural level it would have gushed in and was helped by another wind. A deluge of water is seen many


times today in its catastrauphic events and unable to return to high ground it would have been impossible


not to have perished. My point is this, divine intervension can be physically felt, wether it is done through


quantum mechanics or extra dimensionality its presence is physically felt.  To minimize his presence he


does this from a distance so as not to put his enemies on guard.


                People doubt the account of Joshua stopping the sun and moon from changing location in the sky.


There is also an accounting of the sun doing miraculas things for a crowd in Spain to correctly fulfil three


childrens accounting from an angel. This can easily be explained by the most common quantum


experiment. The sun and moon didn't change location in the sky because God redirected the light


emminating from them to help his people.


                Freedom:   freedom isn't the right to offend others or to promote and live perversly, rather,


freedom is the ability to be in charge of your own destiny. That is to change jobs at will, to seek higher


education, to redirect your interests and pursuits God gave you life to live it. If one practices self control


one will be ready to meet ones maker before you die.


                The parale of the talents isn,t about money, it is about what you do with the life God gave you.


























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