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Suicide Statistics.


                With all the emphasis on gun control and school shootings one would think this is the most


catastraphic mortal enemy on the horizon. However upon attending a First Aid course by Salvation Army


I was amazed at the mortality statistics. The suicide rate of death is only less than homicied deaths by a


margin of less than 5%. This is despicable by any outlook. While the rate of homicide rate of 18,000+  is


unjustifyably pathetic a rate of 17,900+ suicide is clearly demonic driven. Why this many people lose


interest in continuing thier existance from losing all hope is a clear shortfall of the society as a whole. I


was always told growing up that suicide participants always went to hell because they are destroying the


creation God gave them and then satan would win in the end, therefore suicide provided no relief from


grief but only took you out of the frying pan and into the fire. A persons value could be compared to thier


total gross income collectively throughout their life because all expenditures benifit another person,


therefore 17,900 multiplied by a conservative value of 1,000,000 is the direct loss to the economy, but then


this loss isn't as much as the 4,000 killed every day. That is a future loss of gross income of 4 billion every


day lost because it is inconvienient to allow them to live. We all regard Mary's role as significant because


she bare Jesus but every life is precious because it has an eternal soul and it can contribute to the


betterment of society as a whole, a value that can even be calculated. 


             Some things we can do to immediately end this debacle is to clarify expected rules of conduct.


When I was growing up, every once in a while mothers would come in and listen attentively to the type of


message children were being taught. This never happens any more. A man is being sued for taping a


sexual instruction video and later comentary  dealing with bondage, beastiality, and promoting


homosexuality as an acceptable life style. The instructors were promoting ancient Greek gay pedophilia as


an apprenticeship to advanced awakened enlightenment.  These actions were being promoted by a person


with unchecked ambition to degrade and cause others to give up their dignity. This is one of the reasons


why requirements for being a citezen is to never have walked across a picket line. You not only degrade


yourself  by taking another persons job away from them and all that goes with that but you also put wind


in the sails of evil. The person responcible for this debacle runs the Hormel meat industry. They broke the


unionized infantry that was their labor force but also went on to expand by using the profits of exploited


labor to buy other pork industries and food related distributions. This unchecked depravity has led to the


attempted seduction of countless 14 yearolds across the landscape. Being of that impressional age proper


guidence is what is required along with properly instructed conduct. Any one can fall short of proper


grace and accountability must be coupled with ability to redeem from passion run amuck but to allow this


type of confusing council to be promoted as normal is completely unacceptable. If it was normal it


wouldn't have to be promoted as normal because you would know it.  Every one falls short of the glory of


God,  but we need to distinguish between acceptable shortcomings and totally depraved individuals. Date


rape could be another cause of attempts to give up hope. One of the things I don't understand is why when


an athlete is recruited ,their past transgressions are covered up and they are let loose on unexpecting


campus victims. Why aren't the designers of this fraud held accountable? If you cut their heads off this


would soon remedy the problem. This is what the Bible says to do and this would be the best for the


community. They are just as guilty as the person who commited the crime because they knew  victims


were in the works. People are sent off to school and we allow them to be blatenly be lied to and decieved


by depraved freaks and allowing this we are as guilty as the perpratators because we allow it. School grade


scores drop off significantly in the High School level because the students realize they are being lied to


and no discernment is practiced. In Canada they teach probability theory and incorporate it into


discussions so as to get a feel for what is realistic and what is theoretically improbable. One of the


significant differences between Protestant and Orthodox phylosophies is the incorporation of hard physical


reality. The hard reality is that it is well known who the Supream Being is in the scientific community it


just isn't being put into the text books because of political stupidity. At  Jet Propulsion Labratories in


Pasadena, California they put on an annual  open house for the public. They have a booth set up


specifically on the origin of the univerce and their official position is that it was created by a Supreme


Being  approximately 15 billion years ago. This coincides with all scientific studies such as carbon dating


and other forms of measure. When all this overwhelming evidence is presented and we are still are


teaching children double standards and lunitic ideas from past depraved phsycho's it clearly spells out a


change in complete leadership is the only remedy and complete removal of their physical existance from


this planet is clearly less of an amount of people than those that take their own life. We would be much


better off killing  the so called leaders and keeping the 17,900 by shear statistics. Of course we can only


provide hope to those who haven't commited capital crimes, but even if we cannot be present in their time


of need the best way to provide community spirit is to demonstrate that God's laws are being upheld and


that no personal style was incorporated to pervert justice. It has become obvious that any one in the future


to become a theologian they would have to have an advanced degree in applied science, engineering, and


law. This would keep the stupid from gaining a platform. A good way to tell the basic knowledge of a


person is to see if they can integrate different aspects of life or do they go off on some nonscencible


tangent. While going off on different possibilities is a way to explore possibly new ground it also has to be


grounded by using applicable measures.  It is widely pushed as the appropriate view that to be a good


christian you need to be filled with blind forgiveness. This is clearly a misrepresentation of God's word.


To have anger and bitterness removed from your life you simply need to acknowledge between justifyable


rage and hatred and misconcieved adgenda's of others or lack of discernment on your part. Once done you


can clearly hold resentment toward despicable people who feel no accountability. Blind forgiveness while


someone is stabbing you in the back results in you bleeding to death and becoming one of satan's  patsy's,


this is not what God expects of you. Justifyable hatred is rightous indignation, not a weekness by any




                Did Jesus Christ die on the cross.


Fact: It is impossible to extinguish an eternal being, esspecially one capable of creating the very universe


that  its would be assailants occupy. Why then is it expressed over and over that this happened? It is to


provide hope for the future that all will receive eternal salvation but mainly so that peoples hearts go out


to God. This is important, you must seek God first to receive the Holy Spirit, that is the energy must come


from within you to seek out guidance and knowledge from your creator. It is catastrophically wrong to


think God should come looking for you, this type of arogance is fatal, his wonders are selfevident, even


the expression "  the more you know the more you realize how little you really know "  is an example of


how you need to look for him not him for you.  This is why we need to move beyond symolic gestureing


and work in the reality of obeying God's laws and decrees. This provides comfort and future hope.


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