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Is stupidity and ignorance conscious decisions or limitations of ability?


            If you make the decision to not investigate scenarios or check quality of referances and decide to discontinue learning and qualifying new meathods of scientific and phylisofical enlightenment you are entrenched in the ignorance is bliss lifestyle. Mechanics are always updating thier skills as new models require new techniques and Doctors must be aware of latest medical information and proceedures to best treat thier patients. Malpractice and lawsuits are being constantly argued hence the justification that stupidity is not a valid exuse for anything. It may require a longer lenth of time for some to develop skills compared to others. There are reasons for this. One is that you have been lied to or mislead many times in the past. This builds into your psyche a resistance to new information of everything controversial. This is a self preservation mode. One other reason comes from allowing to many evil thoughts to enter your mind. This diminishes the amount of quality that one can concieve and maintain in ones consious thoughts, thus limiting your entire potential. With initiative and deternination, in time, one can achieve anything.


            Evil is not the absence of good, it is rebellion and rebellion has purpose and energy. Satan rebelled against God.    --   Others have struggled with defining how to achieve quality lifestyles but have failed because of not understanding this fundamental principal.


            The price of freedom is not eternal vigalance, it is practiced self control. Only by getting ones own self right first can one stand in assesment of others.


            The fundamental goal and foundation of Christianty is the uplifting of moral character primarily by coming into correction.


            Cities of refuge were not established to protect the guilty. They were established for suspects when no proof could be found. We have present day examples of people in prison who did not commit any crime. Being a suspect of a crime without being able to provide proof of innocence might motivate someone to avenge a lost loved one or even the true killer to kill you to cover his tracks. A truly evil person would abuse the system in the city of refuge and be eventually be found out. A good example of how they were concieved of as a place to protect the guilty was when Absolum killed Amnon and fled. The truth of the matter was that Amnon by law should have been put to death and it was King David's responcibility to see this accountability was taken care of as the law demanded. Proof was that David was rebuked by a prophet for having Absolom stay in the far off city and how Absolum was able to aquire followers because his father didn't admit incompetance in rectifying the entire matter.


            The prophessey of people falling wayward has become a self fulfilling prophesy. When so called preists lose and lose ground they say see this is this prophesy coming to pass and instead of righting themselves they continue to take fall back positions. If a man called a phsycic and the phsycic told him the next day he would be shot in the leg and the next day he shoots himself in the leg and says see this is this prophesy coming to pass and the police were called they would send him to the phsyc ward in the local hospital and it would be clear that his reasoning has left him but people dress up and go to listen to these men every Sunday.


            There are two ways of creating things. You can take raw materials and construct something or you can reproduce out of your own body. The physical univerce and plants and creatures are what God created and your soul is what is created from himself.


            People who say you have a soul and a spirit are most likely satanically possesed and this is how they rationalize the good and evil qualities that sway thier thinking.


            The Bible is not a scientific document. I cannot find where it says how to mine ore or even how to smelt or refine anything. Hereing for years on how it was supposed to be an exact scientific plan on creation I made the assumption that God must have also included how to make iron, bronze, steel, and concrete in this book but this is not included. He must have thought the meaning of our existance was for us to think we discovered these things out for ourselves, while of cource he has known all along. Telling us how diminishes our creative impulses and lessens the meaningness of our purpose of existance.


            For a long time I contemplated on what it is going to take for the people who have committed hanous crimes to discontinue in thier pursuits. One I know was on drugs, went to treatment and joined Alchoholics Anonomous and while in treatment had an awakening, that is the presence of God came down and interviened, that is his presence filled the room and kept him from dying. Within 2 years he was having sex with prostitutes and saying you just have to wear a condomn and having sex with other mens wives. This after the presence of God filled him and kept him from dying. Another had his girl friend have an abortion and later spent time in brothels in Nevada. He married and his 1st son was stillborn. Then his wife lingured with kemotheropy and its toll was extremely severe. Then he had another son and he was born with a hole in his heart. One month after his son was born like this he was in a stripper bar looking at naked females. Other people have died and others suffered greatly in the pursuit of making these people acknowledge thier wrongdoing and repent. Reading Hebrews 6:4-6 it clearly says these people will clearly burn in hell, this is an absolute. I now realize it is I who didn't get it, thier own indifference to how thier actions have negatively affected others leaves no reason to be concerned for thier welfare in any way because they are the enemy. Present day preachers talk about the coming Apocolypse and I think they are stupid because don't realize we are living in the Apocolypse now because of the indifference to human life being slaughtered and flushed down the toilet through abortion and with God's intervention it will stop and this would be the end of the Apocolypse. I now realize what the 2nd half of the Apocolypse is. Trying to contemplate what to do with people who are going to burn in hell when they die is perplexing. Allowing them to live life as ussual is stupid. They are expending fossil fuels and energy that is reserved for descent people. It took alot for God to set aside these reserves and from a practical standpoint a bullet in the head would be less expensive than a continuation of uncivilized behavior. They have killed off thier customers and thus losing 14 billion dollars of lost future revenue every day. They have no reason to be good, you can't burn farther and deeper in hell. What type of government do you establish for them? Do you leave them sectioned off places to live until they die? If you don't oversee them they will to killing off offspring using thier standby justifications, any amount of energy expended on them is wasted and would be better spent on the next generation. All of this is very perplexing and this is the reason for the 2nd half of the Apocolypse because you don't have to care about them at all. This will bring about the caous that is predicted, lack of organization will bring about thier own destruction and then rebellion and wars with them. It is because they are indifferent to human life that this will happen.


            There are at least 3 places on earth that testify to God's extra dimensionality. The top of Mount Sinia, the split Rock of Horeb, and the place where Elijah went to heaven on the chariet. All places show how his extra dimensions interacting has molecularly changed the earths surface and this has lasted to this day. These places were left for the stupid people who need hard physical evidence of God's existance. Quantam mechanics has long since proven that extra dimensions exist and this is why massive amounts of interaction scorched the surface of the earth. Without going to these sites you can see them in pictures or on video tapes. The top of Mount Sinia is documented in the book, " The Gold of Exodus" and also on video tape, " The True Mount Sinia," available from which includes the darkened Split Rock of Horeb also testifying to his intervension resulting in water to feed his nation camped thereabout. 3rd you can find the exact same intervension scorching the surface of the earth where Elijah went to heaven on the fiery chariet. This documentation is obtainable from A&E Home Video, " Quest for the Lost Tribes." The Bene Isreal tribe uses this place as a place of worship and you can plainly see the contrasting evidence of where God's extra dimensions came in contact with the earths surface. They walk gingerly on this hallowed ground and use exeeding veneration. Elijah stayed with his tribe when they were deported and then moved on to India. These horses coming down from heaven would have had a profound effect on the local population. Everyone knows how to tell a lie and get away with it, you incorporate a lot of truth into the lie. Corruption and deception are unfortunate truths of human nature. After 1200 years the Indians reinvented Elijah into Krishna by mixing truth into thier lie. They said Krishna was a god who doesn't like to war and is well known for his chariet and also his name means " dark as a cloud", he performed miracles and slew demons, almost directly from referances in the Bible, and to further enhance Krishna's fame named a river after him. Looking on a map the corruption is evident, exactly where Elijah went to heaven is within miles of the begining of the Krishna River. This is just a further demonstration of how coruption of comes about over time. No one could convince these people they hadn't seen these horses come down from heaven and they left thier marks in the rock to this day. Over time to regain influence corrupt people poluted the Elijah story to regain priestly tithing. Reading the account of Elijah going to heaven and the story of Krishna one can only conclude that this is exactly what happened. 3 places where we know God said his presence was and all three have undeniable proof.  3 for 3, it doesn't get any more conclusive than that!!!!!


            When it says that Mary gave birth to her firstborn son it doesn't nessasarily mean there was more children to come. The word firstborn was put there for a reason. Jesus was a Jew and law demanded that the firstborn sons were to be consecrated to God. This is why firstborn is specifically mentioned. Why this didn't make it into Christianity doesn't make any sence at all. For some reason present day Jews buy back thier sons from God and then they don't understand why they have so much trouble in society. Stupid.Stupid.St


            After Jesus was in the temple in Jeruselem it was nessasary for him to move to England for 2 reasons. Being obviously knowledgable he would have been sought out as a prophet and hounded relentlessly and also because by the age of 13 he would have been expected to be arranged to a female. This gave him the opportunity to develop. While the exact timeline doesn't exist when he left England and traveled the world proof is established in documentation that he went from one end of the huge land mass to the other. Growing up I couldn't imagine why God would come down and not travel to where a huge number of his children in China and India were only to find out that documentation was established with world wide recognition in 1858 by Nicolas Notovitch and filmed in 1978, in the center of these large numbers of people.






God is love. A man who knows God understands love, therefore only a man who knows what love is, is a suitable partner in life.

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