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1.In Search of the Real Mt. Sinai


Bob Cornuke, Larry Williams


{ Reveals the true Mt. Sinai. Bob and Larry give a complete account of their discovery. They looked for and found everything mentioned in the Bible. Shows Jabel el Laws completely scorched granite top from the presence of God descending down upon it when he gave Moses the Ten Commandments. Also the Split Rock of Horeb scorched by God’s presence and the granite eroded from millions of gallons of water flowing into a lake for consumption. Shows remains of the chariots in the Gulf of Aquaba. Has true crossing site, an underwater land bridge only 2-3ft. below surface. I have 4 different documentaries showing Jabel el Laws as being the True Mt. Sinai, but this one is the best. On Monday June 24th at 7:00pm, NRB network showed this documentary on Bob Cornuke’s show Gutsy Christianity. It had interviews with James and Penny Caldwell who spent years on site cataloging and investigating. When Judge Roy Moore had his confrontation with the Ten Commandments monument this documentary had been advertised on the 700Club for years so why it wasn’t the highlight of their defense defies logical comprehension. The only reason I can find is that his support staff completely failed him on every level. While this sounds scathing, it is absolutely accurate. Nothing has more sway than evidence, and philosophical analogies and arguments won’t sway entrenched ignorance. If your pastor or priest hasn’t shown you this evidence, fire them.}


2. Unlocking the Mystery of Life-the case for Intelligent Design


Focus on the Family


Item Code VL029


{ Graphic illustrations on how DNA replicates. Watch this and then you will see no mechanism for evolutionary catalyst exists. More information can be found at Shows internal cellular mechanisms that are smaller and more sophisticated than can even be conceived of by nano technology. If your pastor or priest hasn’t shown you this, fire them.}


3.The Passion of The Christ


{ If you can watch this and not try every day to be worthy of this effort, then you are not a Christian, and don’t understand the meaning of it. }


4. Irreducible Complexity


Michael J. Behe


{Shows the absurdity of evolution by showing how cellular structures work. His work and the others at is something to become familiar with. It is always the best to come from the most informed, objective view possible.}


5. The Elegant Universe


PBS documentary 3hrs. long with host Brian Greene. Excellently explains 10 dimensional superstring theory witch gives us the underlying principles of sub-atomic theory back to the beginning of time. Done in a way with graphics that anyone can understand. Ties all scientific theories together.


6. Education and the Founding Fathers


David Barton  at Wall Builders


Aledo, TX     817-441-6044


{Author and historian David Barton has many video’s and books dedicated to the origins of The United States. A must to review as to see what the Founding Fathers had in mind and where they drew their knowledge from. If you are trying to bring back the original United States, then this is the best place to start. Work from the most informed position possible.}


7. Quest for the Lost Tribes


A&E Home Video


{Shows with artifact along with historical archeology where the lost tribes of Israel are. Special note should be made where Elijah’s chariot wheels scorched the earth exactly the same way as God’s presence did at Jabel el Laws. }


8. The Traditions of Glastenbury


E. Raymond Capt.


{Shows where Christ and his mother Mary spent some of their years before his ministry and explains why. Includes Holy Grail, and explains who the real Lady of the Lake was.}


9. In the Path of The Messiah




{Excellently done. Also definitively shows where Christ was buried and the exact location of where the cross was placed. Best work EWTN has ever done. As good as visiting the Holy Land and a must see before you ever go.}


10. On the Origin of Phyla


Dr. James W. Valentine


{Another good item arn. has done.}


11. The Perfect Stranger         Movie


{Covers a lot of ground in a short period of time.}


12. Signature of God


Grant Jeffery


{Covers the Shroud of Turin, the cloth Jesus was wrapped in when he came back to life and explains radiation markers showing how God brought his son back into his physical body.}


13. Breath of The Holies


Perry Stone     {Show Ark of the Covenant and its layout in the tent.}


14. Mt. Sinai        Ron Whyatt


15. Journey toward Creation  


          It may be obvious but I will state it anyway, I don’t care where information comes from. All that is important is content.





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