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     Why has the police lost the air of authority and respectability it once had. Most would make the arguement that it is the result of media. While that is true it is equally true that when they allow abortion clinics in thier districts to operate you cannot escape the fact that gives away all thier credibility. When you won't protect every life then you won't get the respect the position requires to opperate.

     How to solve this.

     Get thier union officials to demand as a condition of thier services to the public that they won't work in a district that performs abortions in it. Some police officers don't believe in the legality of abortions and know that allowing them to operate leaves thier eternal soul in danger.

     No governing body has the right to put your eternal soul in danger. The thought of God equating them to the holocaust administraters on judgement day should scare the hell out of them.

     If the police would remove all the abortion approvers from amongst thier midst, because such people shouldn't be allowed to wear the uniform, and demand, from thier union oficials, that they won't provide services until conditions are met that they aren't risking thier eternal soul, they would be supported by anyone who is worth providing protection for.

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