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" Oh come, Oh come, Emanuel, and ransom captive Isreal,  " is portrayed as a beautiful song. READ the WORDS! It's a desparate plea for help. If ransom is needed, you're in a bad way.


Happiness was synonomous with virtue at the time it was written in the late 1700's. Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Virtue. No one ever promised happiness in the form we know it today.


Self affirmation is self destruction. If you need the crutch of self affirmation, then what your doing isn't satisfying your soul and all the reinforcement of your present circumstances isn't going to change that. Self affirmation is what femininists use to reinforce thier beliefs, and then they don't listen to constructive critisism, leading to publically embarrassing themselves. Self affirmation will keep you locked into an ideology that is completely destructive and the cost can be severe.


We keep hearing of the racial divide and its perpetuation in the media. Are they fueling this? Do you think about races differently than you did 10 years ago? 2o years ago? This attempt at a racial divide is being advocated by people with an adgenda. It's up to each individual how thier going to respond.


There is a concept that most don't understand, Christian Supremacy. Nothing else deserves equal footing and to treat Islam, Atheism, and others as equals is a slap in the face of God. To give platform or credence is to embarrass your self.


Used to be they had physical documents of the New Testament dating back to 100AD. Now Josh McDowell has unwrapped mommies and the New Testament is written on the paper that wrapped them, dating TO the time of Christ.


If God wants 10% and government is taking 40%, government is your god.


Slavery. I wondered why my ancesters gave up the practice of slavery. Thought it must be something instinctual. It is. If you can't rise to the level of being an equal, there is no point in having you around. Chores can be done by children as a way of developing a work ethic.


Using Common Law will make it easier for college students to sue colleges for thier time, materials, and oportunity cost of having to listen to professors who have mislead, even outright lied to students. Paying for something required a contractual agreement that one side provides compensation for something of value. When value isn't recieved, damages are created. Total cost of damages are required to be made whole again, simple as that. If your college is forcing you to take classes of lies, mistruths, and deceptions to achieve a degree, that is swindle. This isn't rocket science.


Right to bear arms is guarenteed to persons or citizens?

They changed the legal definition of people. People now means sovereign people living under the Constitutional Common Law. Persons or citizens are slaves to a corporation and willingly submit to its legal stautes. That's why they can legislate what rights you have and don't have. Your willingness to be a slave is willingly expressed when you apply for a weapon permit. If you're applying for a permit, you're asking permission for a right. Common Law recognizes Natural Law and Divine rights, therefore no permit required.


Some teachers more and more are using memorization as a form of training. This enhances the ability for students to pass a given test. Then there is the old way of teaching using concepts so students get an intuative understanding of the subject material. This has huge influence on how students will do in the future. From memorization only some followers and if they forget a step in a system can't overcome it and thier projects fail. Now they are stuck being someone else's subjects. Learning a conceptual way with an intuative understanding of the subject material will allow people to overcome obstacles because they can use a variation on a theme approach and with knowledge of tools and resources available can move forward. While even if you're taught memorization you can decide for yourself to develop an intuative understanding, it won't be easy. This is important to overcome. People who learn from memorization, if they haven't taken notes from past experiances, basically have to learn all over again each time they walk away from something for a few years. And without someone willing to reteach them are destined to fail miserably.


Heard a guy telling how it was needed to develop pastorial relationships. That just developes a need for people to seek guidance from them and is just a hidden ego booster as they feel that gives thier live meaning. If they taught each person the ability to stand on thier own 2 feet the strength of the congregation increasesand has no need for a crutch. When it is no longer your job to be thier pastor, they will be fine as they have the tools to discern on thier own. Some talk about past preachers and how thier sermons and ministry were so good. Then give us thier sermons to read in our spare time. This isn't rocket science. You can get spiritual uplifting from a person or the tools they provide you. Tools are better.


A scare tactic of our present government is to put people on a list. If you are not on one, considering the current state of affairs, maybe you should ask yourself why. You're probably not doing anything important to build a future that is comprehensible. Once upon a time some people preempted getting on a government watch list and signed thier own names to a list. John Hancock is the largest spelled out name on that list.


Billy Graham and his followers agreed in Modesto, California that they would never be alone with a female exept thier wives. If thier character is so weak and thier lack of respect for the dignity of others is so much of a temptation, then all of thier words are suspect. They could have worked on thier character defects, but instead accepted them. This is insinuating thier limitations and inabilities are yours. I'll never trust them, as they've admitted to being untrustworthy.


The 2 witnesses in REV 12 are the Old and New Testaments.


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