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A Proper Mans Perspective On Milo Yanopolis.

Milo is a victim of pepophilia and should be regarded as such. He became successful despite his calamity and then got booted when convienient. Most male victims of pedophilia feel inwardly ashamed of themselves and struggle to define thier own character. They don't want anyone to go through what they went through and whenever you have sexual relations with a woman there is a chance of pregnancy, thus being responcible for someone to grow up being abused in the same way they were. Homosexuality, the only known sexual experiance they know, provides no chance of pregnancy, so is thier only choise in thier eyes. They feel too ashamed of themselves to have a relationship with a female, thus back to what has been established. Milo came from Britian and many girls and boys are being molested everyday, so expect more victims until this ends. The caliphate has ruled that ISIS fighters can take young boys as lovers if there is not enough women around, so more victims. Muslins feel they can do anything to the kaffir no matter what the country they've migrated to, so expect more victims. When you see pictures of ISIS fighters with thier male child lovers, your looking at future Milo's. Should these victims be told to take it as a man, or should men kill the perpetraiters? God is love, love has no victims. Evil has perpetraitors, end evil.


A very common human responce is to react to negative critisism in a negative manner. Unless you change that you're destined to fail.

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