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When considering joining a 3% or militia group, you should consider what you can bring to the table.

If they are training for the inevitable war, there are 2 choises. Do they already have the moral clarity necassary? Is thier structure survivable through leadership or purpose of vision? If thier serious about training for war, they have included training on how to drive semitrucks and airplanes or helicopters. If these 2 are not part of thier program, thier not serious. If it just hasn't become available yet, 1. recruit necassary trainers. 2. Become equipped to be a trainer. 3. Wait until they initiate training procedures.

Like I said, there are only 2 choises, the 3rd isn't viable. If your not willing to do your part, you don't belong in a group. You are either going to bring something to the table or they don't need you.

"To be patient and wait on the Lord" is a mistranslation. The proper translation is to entwine yourself with God so you can be an instrument of rightousness.

Sometimes " There but by the Grace of God go I," applies, and sometimes not.

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