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What does and does not qualify as someone who is worth fighting for?

Someimes things can best be represented in a financial way. Obama was the last president and many times the secret service had large lapses of security around him. People blamed the secret service, but who was truly at fault? When an abortion doctor was killed, Deputy Sherif's road with other abortion doctors to and from work. Who would do such a thing? People hire private security for themselves all the time.

This is simple. If your guards know you're a just and decent person, they will guard you with every fiber of thier being. If you are guarding a person who is proabortion and they are paying you $500,000.00 a year compared to guarding someone who is anti abortion who is paying you $50,000.00 a year, you guard the person who is anti abortion with more diligence than the pro abortionist. When guarding someone who is morally corrupt, you will always be a step behind what you should because you will always be asking yourself," Is this person really worth defending?" This internal struggle will always affect your ability, and nothing can stop it. You can tell yourself you need to "Guard the Principal" all you want, but no amount of self affirmation will take away the underlining problem you're guarding someone not worth the effort. You can convince yourself that acting professional, and knowing that if your "Principal" is targetted and is killed, you'll never get hired anywhere again, but the underlying problem remains, and no amount of money can change reality.

If however you're guarding someone of the utmost clarity of morality, set in stone convictions, quality and dignity to the core, with integrity pouring out of them, even if you're getting paid 1/10th or $50,000.00 a year, you will guard them with everything you have. No matter what it takes, whatever the cost, you will always do everything possible within your ability to secure thier protection. And if the worst should happen and you lose your "Principal," you will make sure thier families are protected and cared for for the rest of thier lives making sure they grow up properly educated in the ways of rightousness, even taking them into your own family to ensure that this happens. You recognize that your committment doesn't end if the "Principal" dies.

Therein lies the difference, and no amount of money can change reality. One is worth defending and one is not.

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