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Why do men like strong women of Character? Simple, it lessons downside risk. If you get hurt or die, if she has her wits about her she will be able to see your children raised properly. There is a rapidly expanding group of men that subscribe to the MGTOW movement.

They see unjust laws and have opted out. MGTOW stands for Men Going Thier Own Way. This is a much delayed reaction from living in the present social construct of our present society. Most have been shafted from bad relationships and invasive feminist ideals forced upon them. This is far from just a group of angry men, they've just abandonned women. It's important to be realistic, if ISIS was buying women on the street corner, no questions asked, 1/4 of all exwives would be sold by morning, and more would follow. This is the huge elephant in the room no one wants to talk about. It takes men, real men, to fight back against the Islamic invasion and no one is signing up because of what purpose is it to fight for people, who when your off combatting evil, your wife is committing audultry. The 1st responcibility of a public is to be people worth fighting for. Left unchecked the current social trends leads to total collapse, and it's right out of the communist manifesto. This was designed and implemented long ago and has taken fruition. Gloria Stienem's Misses Magazine was financed by the CIA. There is nothing God finds more repulsive in a man than allowing himself to be whooped. When Adam said to God," She made me eat it." God said," You don't have to listen to her, I brought her here to help you." If you look at any sucessful marriage, the wife defers judgement and direction to the husband. One woman said it better than I can," I'll go and ask him, What do you think we should do about this?" This signifies a team approach but puts the final say into the one capable of thinking the decision through. She also explained how she went about things. She made sure that if they got into an arguement that he would have no ammunition to use against her. If she wanted him to be around the children more, she would take care of everything in his schedual so that he had time to spend with them. She brought this same phylosophy into every aspect of thier marriage. She said that whenever she thought she needed to have a talk with him about something she thought he neede to do differently, she'd first give him the oportunity to make remedy, therefor making her guiltless. She said he always availed himself to doing the right thing, thus the sit down conversation has never happened. This is called bulletproofing your marriage. No man, no matter how stupid, would throw away something like this away. Of cource you could claim there are exeptions, but those who would fail this aren't men in the 1st place.

The men in the MGTOW movement are far from ignorant slobs that are just angry. Thier intuitiveness, well thought through reasoning ability to completely phylisophically think things through completely destroys that. Most do occasionally slip up, some once every 6 months and some hold out for up to 2 years. Why do they start dating again? Love isn't love until it's given away. There is an instictual need for men to love someone else. It makes them participate in a world bigger than themselves, as opposed to having the world that surrounds them. This is why men will help someone else and desire nothing in return. We teach children to say, Thankyou" when they recieve presents, but for it truly to be a gift, nothing in return is expected, not even a "Thank you."

There is a statement, All flattery is of the devil," and this is quite true. This is why some men find it almost impossible to flatter women. There is something instictually wrong with it. We encourage children by giving them compliments and reassurance, but when it comes to adults flattery is a sly form of dominance. It is a sneaky way of Lording over someone and not treating them as a true equal. Women loke compliments and if not given reassurance can not feel appreciated. Some will want to have a conversation about the relationship, to which the unfiltered mouth would say," Yes, when I got up this morning I made it my lifes mission to deal with your insecurities." Most men spend thier time thinking about thier job and forward progress on that front, inventing new ways of building industry, thier hobbies and making thier hobbies possibly profitable.

In other words thier thinking on the bigger things in life, not wanting to drag around a ball and chain constantly reassuring someone else. Once you start down that path where someone constantly needs reassurance it is inevitable for collapse to happen. It destroys any trust and any approach to teamwork. You'll never fully trust a woman who is needy, as with the present social climate you might gather she will seek falsely given reassurance elsewhere. Audultry is treason, and if your capable of that, your capable of anything. The only social fix is to return to 1st principles, Common Law.

Sexual relations becomes a mutual addiction, so before that happens you'd better make sure this is someone you can spend the rest of your life with.



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