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Socialism & Feminism's problems, in the overall analysis is thier attempt to be equals is that they are all equally boring. There are 2 types of societies governments, Roman law is a strict hierarchial structure, and Common Law where everyone is expected is expected to rise to the level of being an equal soveriegn, thus the mandate for Common Law to work it requires establishing the sound foundational principles and moral requirements to be learned in the formative years.                                 The Founders didn't just write it in documents, they erected a granite monument that has the formula for success layed out in an easily discernable way carved into that granite. Kirk Cameron made a movie and did a follow up series on this monument named " Monumental: In Search of American National Treasure Documentary." It's located in Plymouth, Massechusets.                                                                                   So the founders intentions were clear, to participate in a republic demands that you have the moral knowledge and stamina to rise to the level of being an equal among men, that you understand civility and practice discernment so you can gain the respect of your peers. Any failure that went unchecked would ruin the republic. Back to socialism and its offspring feminism.                                                                   3 oposing ideas.  1. socialism 2. work - then fun 3. work as a proffesion.

Socialism styfles innovation and creativity.

There are 3 different lifestyles.

Socialism, where people want to go to a government job, and at the end of the day sit in the coffee shop or cafe sipping on wine and talking about boring ways thier work place needs to be more of a socialist ideal.

2nd. Where people go to work as a means to an end, to support thier lifestyle outside of work. That is thier job is just a paycheck and thier freetime is how they identify in life. They may have hobbies they enjoy or are parts of clubs, or are politically active on some level. Thier jobs are a way of financing these endeavors.

3rd. The professional employee, where his work is the most important thing in thier lives. Thier off time is spent thinking about thier future in the industry or venture they are associated with. Socialism's idea of diversity is to get every race, creed, and culture to adapt thier miserable lifestyle. That's not diversity, that's just plain wierd. Most people won't admit it but it is phycological torture to work under or around stupid people. Thier ignorance is draining and you almost feel your brain cells leaving your body. 2 mainly, but both 2 and 3 enjoy things like taking thier kids to soccer practice , thier social events, robot wars, drag racing, other motor sports, doing school projects with thier kids, air shows, sailing, kite boarding, scube diving, snorkling, skidiving, learning how to fly a plane, helicopter, snowmobliling, horseback riding, science museums, archeology exibits, different martial arts, skiing, rock climbing, endurance racing, inline skating, hockey, bike riding, motocross, gardening, astronomy, building bike and rollerblade ramps and trick aparatus, X Games, American Ninja Warriors, and maybe, just maybe, dance recital.

Socialism and Feminism are boring and thier continuous reinforcing themselves of thier beliefs won't change reality. It's a cult with all the trappings and delusional systems. Snarky comments toward them serve no purpose other than to make yourself feel better. It seems important to try to point out to them thier flaws and hope they listen but most people need to completely fail before they will accept any advise. You may have the best intentions, hoping they will rise to the level of being an equal, but there is all kinds of research to prove thier path leads to destruction. They've been led astray and attempting to lead them back will get you in a constant tug of war. Check your priorities, then proceed,

While we were busy with our lives, we delegated responcibility and authority to people totally inadequate to the cause. How well has that been working out?

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