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Common Law

     When I 1st wrote this book I didn't know about Common Law, its history, and that it originated out of the Old Testament, was reinvigurated with the Magna Carta, and was in certain constitutions even before the US Constitution was written,

    Its history and development are explained in good detail by others in ways that anyone can understand. Some are making mistakes, but that is how it goes with something that hasn't been used in 150 years. It is the principle that everyone is a soveriegn and government is benieth them. It is the non-agression principle without limit. If you don't have a right, because the government is formed by you, then those in that government don't have that right also.

     I've always known that to change the government back, to arrest the societal problems that have encroached upon it, then women would have to lose the right to vote or hold office superior to a man. Common Law does this and its prescedent as having jurisdiction over legal, or Roman law, is in the constitution.

     Through trickery and deciet, along with willful ignorance, legal statutes have been established.

     Common Law is lawful.

     Legal is statutory.

     Common Law goes back to FIRST PRINCIPLES.


     Natural Law uses the God of Nature.


     Do onto others as you would have them do unto you.


     This is called the Non-Agression Principle and is quite simple. If you are not hurting or interfering with your actions toward others, you can do as you please. If your actions harm others you are 100% responcible for any and all remedy.

     Very simple, but also because lack of doing the right thing when called for is not done by you, that has consequences also. That is why for common law to work in a society, citizens arrest must be an integral part. Police as law enforcement officers is a modern invention. Before that it fell to the Sheriff and the Militia. The task of a Sheriff is more correctly stated as Peace Officer.

     The militia was made up of men of discernment, educated in the meaning of civility and proper conduct, and being armed came after discernment was established.

    Some of the obvious differences today as the difference of common law and legal statutes is if you own property - if you pay property taxes to the government, you don't really own it. If you pay licence fees for an automobile, you don't actually own the vehicle. These statements have been established in courts.


When the country was established everyone was a soveriegn and there was no compulsitory tax. You paid user fees to have the government work for you. There was no property tax, therefore you owned your land to the center of the earth.


I'm going to provide a brief overview of what happenned as others do a fine job of explaining it in more detail.


On July 2nd the colonies became states, or more correct definition separate countries. Then on July 4th they delegated powers to a union of combined interests just like countries today have combined to form NATO and the United Nations.


The newly fromed countries united in thier common interests and delegated Articles of Confederation powers of war, peace, and foriegn treaties and commerce. It is unconstitutional for them to do anything else and the supremacy clause doesn't change the original intent or writing. Supreme Court cases in the last 100 years have a different opinion, but that doesn't change what is, that's why the Supreme Court issues opinions, not laws.


The major shift to a centralized strong federal government happenned with Abraham Lincoln and the institution of Admiralty Law. If you look at Lincoln sitting on his chair at the Lincoln Monument, you will see the front chair legs have the Roman law standard with a battle axe carved into them. This signifies rule by a ceasor, and laws passed by a centralized government.


Common Law is a de-centralized government with most laws being passed on a local level and local government standards.


During the civil war Abraham Lincoln bankrupted the federal government and borrowed money from foriegn banks and what was secured for collateral was the living and not yet living peoples income. THat is why you get a Birth Certificate when you are born, it's a pledge of collateral against a debt that's never been paid off. That is also why the 13th Ammendment includes emancipation and involuntary servitude. To emancipate means to turn over ownership. If you participate as a citezen of the U.S., and not as a people, you are voluntarily serving, that's thier loophole. You don't know any different, so you just accept it. They did it slowly enough that people weren't aware of that happenned over time.


The biggest scam was that the foriegn banks never really borrowed any hard assets to this government, they just issued fiat currency and said it was backed by gold, when they issued 8 dollars worth of fiat currency for every dollars worth of gold they said they had at the time. They were trusted because of a long history of trusting banks.


Also what happenned was they instituted the formation of a corporation, the District of Columbia, that gained land title to area around Washington D.C.  How people didn't realize they'd been sold out was they unknowingly became citizens of this corporation and no longer free people. Under Roman Law to be a citizen is to be a slave, that is the correct interpretation. Roman Law, legal statutes were pushed upon citizens who don't know any better. This is why some call legal the undoing of God's law.


The newly formed corporation hired itself on as a management service and created the 13th and 14th Ammendments to solidify thier authority. Acctually what this really means is that they are operating under color of law, thier not legitimate. Just as you don't go and sit on the board of directors at Wall Mart or Sears and don't have any say in thier companies policies, yet you've been shnookered into believing this government operates lawfully.


This is important to confirm what I said originally, that only men can vote or hold office. Because if everything that has been done is from a corporation that is operating under color of law, it's not legitimate and fruit of the forbidden tree. Therefore under Common Law only up to and including the 12th Ammendment apply. Everything else is from a corporation that is operating and its base isn't truely in Washington D.C.


This is what the conspiracy theorists have been ranting about for years and been portrayed as instigators of folly.


I'm going to leave links to vids you can see where many others are saying the same thing with documentation to back it up. Some have the documentation that seems to sugest that the Fed. Gov. has gone bankrupt 4 times and it's revieled that the Pope has been holding the paper on all of us and that our birth certificate is the pledge of debt to the Vatican.


It is irrelevant whether this was done deliberately through diabolical means or just happenned through mismanagement, a new path forward is what is necassary. Electronic currency has advantages and disadvantages, stock in companies that produce physical assets, energy making companies, utilities cannot fluctuate in true value unless lies have been made on thier balance sheets, but the U.S. dollar is truly counterfeit currency, and thus the prediction of its collapse is inevitable. All the banks have totally lost all thier credibility so a new aproach is necassary or go back to the old, when individual states had thier own currency. There isn't enough gold in the system to back even cash, let alone electronic dollars, but for a currency to be trusted must be backed by something.


What is money? Gold and silver have long been established forms of money because it makes transactions easier. So you have a goat and you want to trade it for chickens. Your goat is worth 3 1/2 chickens so before money you'd have to make an agreement of 3 plus something else thrown in. With money you can make up the difference easy. Gold and silver are dense, compact items that are easily made into different sizes so they can be wieghed on scales to find out thier value. Gold and silver also had industrial, artwork, and jewlery applications so thier value was known and stable. Goats and chickens had value because you invested labor in them, making pens for them tostay in and easier to gather eggs from than running through the woods trying to find eggs. Therefore labor became the basis for the money's value and then you could work for someone and get paid with money instead of goods, it was just a lot easier.


Paper money was the same concept as a check, it represented a portion of labor and to make its value consistant was backed by gold or silver so you could trade paper money for gold and silver. When you write out a check it is the same thing as writing paper money and if it is written with insufficiant funds is the same thing as printing counterfeit money.


When the foriegn banks started printing money that wasn't backed by gold, they were writing checks with insufficiant funds, thus counterfeit.


Taking away the states authority to have thier own currencies and establish a common federal currency was done to consolidate central power and create a monopoly. Through transactions of money they were able to get a piece of that money in taxation. A monoploy gives control to the federal government.


Because the states voluntarily created the union of the States the south had every right to secede and become thier own nation. Lincoln destroyed the constitution and used illigitimate force to reunify it. If it was about slavery, then why did we all become slaves to a corporation. The 1st time I heard that emancipation meant transfer of ownership was from black lawyers who looked into it.


Since then these banks have consolidated power and ownership of resources through a collaberation of efforts so that now they have thier tentacles in almost every country on the face of the earth. The last one that went bankrupt was the IMF or International Monetary Fund and it's all fallen back exposing that the Vatican has been underwriting all of it all along.


The Rothchilds made thier money by financing both sides of wars and when countries backrupted themselves by going to war, they ended up owning the country. They did this out of sight of the public, so it wasn't known by average people.


HOW DO WE GET OUT OF THIS MESS? In these times it is necassary for a currency to be backed by something. You could even set aside scrap iron and issue a paper currency that signifies a portion of its value. You could set aside oil in tanks and do the same. You could issue currency valued at oil and minerals not yet brought out of the earth. Fortunetly we have a much better option. Rare earth minerals are dense in wieght and have industrial value that is stable, therefore as good as a gold or silver value, maybe even better. Thier used in all modern day communication systems. Right now all of them are being mined in China and when refined they can be made into products, China is using all of its physical minerals to make products, so they can't be obtained in the market in physical form. Why did China do this? Because $1.00 worth of minerals makes $100.00 worth of products. That and they have a huge inexperianced labor force yearning to become affluent in an industrial setting. When these resources were no longer available in the U.S., companies started buying whole components from China.


Why aren't the companies in the U.S. simply mining ore that is here and refining it and making products?


When Reagan was negotiating with Kruschev during the cold war, Reagan classified thorium as nuclear source material, which it is not, and it is always found with rare earth minerals. Now when it is mined, because it is also sometimes mixed in with iron ore, it is put back down the mine shaft or put in retention ponds, so we're just sitting on it. There are people who have tried to change this.


They've met with +250 congressmen and senators over 6 years and gotten nowhere. Because Common Law doesn't have to submit to UN treaties, they don't apply, so with Common Law we can start up this industry. The current global market for products made from rare earth minerals is 7 trillion dollars, all being done in China. I've established that this is a viable alternative for a source of currency or at least one of available options.


One of the reasons this is being blocked is that the Federal Reserve thinks these minerals were secured by them as collateral against notes they printed. This is manifesting itself publically with the incident at the Cliven Bundy Ranch and later at the Malhuer Wildlife Refuge in Burns, Oregon, The Conservative Treehouse did a thorough investigation and found Hillary Clinton sold mining rights to Russia. How does someone sell land and mining rights from land she doesn't own to a foriegn corporation? These are testing events to see how the public reacts to Federal Reserve plundering. The Federal Reserve through its dominance of money has influenced the Bureau of Land Management and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Agencies creating an unlawful army inside these agencies.


Through laws they passed and intimidation, they have bought up farms and ranches where these minerals are located. The uranium that Hillary sold is just a fraction of the wealth under the ground and the banks want to keep it all for themselves. This is completely unconstitutional and unlawful. In the constitution it clearly spells out that when the states became members of the union, the land in that state belonged to that state and if anything the Federal Government was to be involved in was helping the states sell it off. The BLM and FWS have become rogue entities operating under color of law, holding back the forward progress of the people they are supposed to be working for. Treasonous. During the militia standoff at the Malhuer Wildlife Preserve the FBI was called in. From an outside perspective this would be a good thing. They didn't have a dog in the fight and could investigate from an impartial perspective, and proceed in a lawful manner to correct the problem.


What they did instead was to highjack the operation of the school and set up camp there, which makes no sence unless you're trying to disrupt the community and bring division instead of clarity. The school was 27 miles from the refuge and was secured only for political reasons - to influence the public in a heavy handed gesture.


Why did they do this? Because whoever is paying you, that is who you are working for. The Federal Reserve through its dominance acted in its own best interest and had the FBI hamper well intentioned individuals leading to the assasination of one of the groups best spokesmen, LaVoy Finicum. Make no mistake, the evidence clearly shows an orchestrated assasination of LaVoy by a joint effort of the FBI and the Oregon State Police. Only a brief look into LaVoy's backround exposes him as one of the most decent people to ever walk the planet. His video's and actions in life litterally pour out with integrity and honesty. What was intended was to slap down resistance to the status quoe and assert Federal Reserve domination of.


LaVoy brought in foster children and grounded them with a work ethic and solid moral priniples that can never be undone.


How corrupt the FBI has become has manifested itself in a more public manner with Hillary's E-mails and thier handling of that.


When the FBI showed up in Burns, the militia members said they weren't going to let this turn into another WACO. Where did this come from? Turns out the cover story at WACO is full of holes and the truth of what happenned is this, that the residents of the WACO compound had hacked the CIA's computer and had documentation and pictures that tbe CIA was running drugs into the airport next to the compound. That's why the Clintons massacred them and burnt the building to the ground hoping all the evidence would be destroyed.


This can't be fixed overnight and the only way to fix it begins with reurning to Common Law established by the constitution. A common law grand jury is the 4th branch of government. This comes right out of the Magna Charta, that a common law grand jury of 25 people can remove any public official for any legitimate reason, therefore proving that the government is a creation of the people. Under Constitutional Common Law Islam is sedition, that's all it takes, declare you're a muslin and you are arrested, jailed or fined, and then deported, all within lawful proceedings.


Under Common Law abortion is murder. Anyone who assists is guilty of conspiracy to commit murder, simple as that, because common law is Natural Law. Natural Law is defined as the laws that define nature and natures God. Legal, or statute law is the undoing of God's law, so while abortion could be defined as legal, it is not lawful. There is only one God who created nature, thus using his laws that come from Mt. Sinai, and are written on your hearts, are the only ones applicable. This is why we call them instinctual. Under common law any man who has sexual relations with a female capable of having an abortion is guilty of child molesting. The reason behind abortion is that the female isn't ready for the commitment of child raising, therefore it is inevitable that it is child molesting. When Hillary said " A fetus has no legal rights," she wasn't lying, you don't have legal rights until you get a birth certificate, as that is when you become a corporate slave with legal rights the corporation decides to give out.


While it may seem an almost impossible thing for each state to have its own currency, you routinely go to the grocery store and buy from a variety of items, all which have the same ingrediants in them. Tomatoes are tomatoes, whether in the Dollar Store or if thier in WallMart or Winn-Dixie. Choosing which currency you pay for them would eventually become a matter of choise, depending on the exchange rate.


More options take away the monopoly, and with everything computerized wouldn't be a hassle at all, eventually. It's monumentally better than manipulation through inflation and deflation now. The founders wrote on this, and no one remembers. Yes this would take setting up an exchange, but they already exist, it would just have to be allowed to grow, because exchanges already exist to trade between other currencies. What ever it takes to break down this monopoly has to be done.


"Let me issue and control a Nations money and I care not who writes the laws." - Mayer Amschel Rothchild


These statements mean nothing unless they are backed up by documentation and historical context.


If you are unwilling to rise to the level of being an equal, then prepare for being ruled over by bullies with guns.


The Divine Right of Kings only works in a hierarchial system and has no place in Common Law.


This is not unPatrioting yourself, this is Patriotizm.


Biblical Principle: Do not begrudge a man his ability to tithe.





















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