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     To Theresa May and the Admiralty Government of the United Kingdom.

     We the People of the United States have witnessed your abuses of our sister in Christ, Jayda Fransen, and her colleges Britain First, and are outraged.

     She is not a sea creature or a dead fictional entity or character as it is obvious to us she is a live woman with inalienable rights that are spelled out in the Magna Carta, and guaranteed by God Himself. She is not your property and we recognize NO claim other wise. Your claims over her through the use of legal statutes using Admiralty Law were done without full discloser and that is fraud. Making your claims and using force against her constitutes operating under color of law, not legitimate.

    We, the natural born living men and women consider her our friend, an equal among soveriegns. We will consider her our friend regardless if that feeling is returned, even rejected by her. We are not petty and small that we require anything returned for our recognition of admiration of a quality of character that is exclusive of the best of humanity.

     We stand ready to chastize you in a time and manner of our chosing for your contemptible behavior.

                                                                                                                                                             Signed: Bradley Lyle Lexvold     

Natural born citizen of the united States ( Unincorporated )

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