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Order Followers.

     Some rail against order followers such as police officers and military personel on the front lines because they do the bidding of the deep state and are lead easily into conflicts that support evil adgendas through propaganda, giving them a limited view of the problem and their way of fixing it and enforcing statutes that are contradictitory to natural law.

These are just people, might be in uniforms, but people with families and community concerns same as yourself. Because of their current positions are unable to speak their true minds. This should be dealt with from a business approach, " don't tell me I've got a problem until you've worked out a practicle solution." 

Unless you've established a jural assembly in your area and a common law system of government, you haven't provided them with a feasible alternative. Once you've established the local system then talk to them and invite them to join your organization. If they refuse, then and only then do you have a legitimate case.

We see the deep state ramping up their false flag events and crisis actors propagandizing, do you really think that the common police officers and military don't see this?

They know something is wrong but because of the way the system works that their in, they are without ability to change it from within. There are evil forces at work here and it took a while for these systems to be built, and behind the scenes they closed the checks and balances to the extent they have full control and nothing can be done within the system to change that.

They changed the rules of the corporation so that judges are considered equal to legislators so they can legally legislate from the bench.

The dark occultists in the deep state have cloaked themselves to the extent they can hide in plain site and advance their adgendas through diversionary tactics and sly propaganda. They have built a house of cards that looks impregnable, built on deception and fraud. They fancy themselves gods on earth and forget that someday they will die and go to hell. From an outside objective view they sound like serial killers openly writing notes to the police and public, taunting them with whom their going to kill next.

Events and Rallys.

     Should individuals march and rally in support of their causes? After all the constitution guarentees freedon of speech and freedom of assembly.


     While these events are great ways of meeting like minded individuals and organizing next events and networking to find whom you can trust and whom you can't, there is underlying problems in that you are to a certain extent endorsing a feeding the pigs that squeel approach to politics and legislation, and you quickly become a special interest group, a phylosophy that has no broad appeal. If you don't link up with other groups and become a force to be reckoned with, you can easily be dismissed.

CPS, Child Protective Servises.

     CPS is a for profit corporation. While all the government agencies are proven to be out of control, there is one that needs to have the light of day shown on it, CPS. CPS takes children from "abusive" homes, takes legal coustody of them as is their "legal" right after you signed them away with a Birth Certificate, losing all your parental rights, and places them into their care where they are 6 times more likely to die. 6 times more likely to DIE.

Same Sex Marriage

     Why doesn't the federal government allow same sex marriage?

A marriage certificate isn't a marriage contract, it is a corporate merger. You and your wife are corporations that merge to produce a product - future corporations, known in real life as children, known in legal statutes as slave corporations under the directives of the higher corporate structure. A same sex marriage by definition cannot produce a future corporation, therefore the merger is without merit. It has nothing at all to do with morality.

501(c)(3) Churches

     There is supposed to be no government run churches on the national level. Any church that has a 501c3 status is by definition a government run church. Satan has borrowed from God and said to them " My yoke is light." just sign this form and you'll be good to go! They even hailed their Lords and Masters because they were given more freedom of speech in their sermons. If they are restricted, by definition they are controlled. No church teaches natural law, the non-aggression principle, or that they came from the Old Testament. They can't seem to find the verce that says, " Proclaim liberty through out the land." 


Jonah 3 days in the belly of the whale refers to a star chart formation that was used by sailors.  Ref. Simcha Jacobovici

Pontiff and Corporations

     What was the Pontiffs motivation for starting corporations and taking ownership of people?

     This all started when an early Pope declared," I claim ownership of all land, sea, and air." I know about religious ferver and how it can be advantagious and disadvantagious, leading to catastrophy. Motives for the Vatican may have changed over time also. They seem to be control freeks and sympathetic to the human condition all at the same time. We will never know what their true hearts meant. One possible explanation is that if people sinned while being a corporation, it didn't count. If they couldn't convert them to Catholisism, maybe by owning them they thought they could present them to God on Judgement Day as their property they saved by owning their souls.

     Yet one mission that no one has thought of is that if they owned everyone, when the man of sin was revealed, they could use ownership of him to control him. A lofty goal, and he is their property, but at what a cost.


     It's been said that Thomas' doughting Jesus was on par with John the Baptist doughting of Jesus. Thomas had genuine dought and needed proof. John the Baptist asked for clarification. History shows that there were 3 people that were proclaimed to be Kings in Isreal at the time and some thought that it was possible for there to be a man to be the ultimate sacrafice for sins and another man to lead Isreal to military victory. Asking for clarification isn't dought.  source: Simcha Jacobovici 

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