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The End, for now.

     While sometimes you come to the end, it's just that, the end, but this end should be the beginning. We can all see the turmoil, and it can be confusing, but the proper perspective is this, how are you going to live after you've won, and why aren't why aren't you doing that now?  When God said to proclaim liberty throughout the land in the Old Testament they had 400 years of growth and prosperity. The organic constitution made it 100 years. We should be able to make it last till the end of time, 1000 years from now, give or take.

     This is meant to attract a certain type of individual. Those who want to move forward using the time tested lessons of the past. Natural Law is not a flashy new car, it is an old flat bed truck that can do real work for you every day. If you want to boldly defy UN dictates and adgenda's and secure a positive future for your prosperity, then there is ample oportunity to do just that. Organize to get rid of the deep state controls by actively moving forward without them. Thier bankrupt in thier finances, morality, and creativity. Return the apathy they showed you in kind, let them disolve into nothingness and don't look back.

     This is going to be a holy war. It must be fought on many levels, but most important it must be done by holy people. To be holy is to be set apart, to have decided consciencely to side with Jesus and no other. You must believe in Christian Supremacy and no other gods. Reason and evidence is on your side. Sick and twisted snakes are on the other. Hell, they even advertize it.


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