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Revelation 11 and its 2 Witnesses.

     1st it needs to be said that looking into prophecy is not important. If you know the rest of the Bible, then it should be clear what to do without extra signs and wonders. If an interpretation of a prophecy allows for the continuation of destruction for the prophecy to be accurate, it's the wrong interpretation. It was proposed once before that the 2 wittnesses of Rev 11 were the Old Testament and the New Testament, but the inclusion of equating the situation at hand, of that time, into thier interpretation ended up discreditting this all together. But if taken on its own, that the Old and New Testaments are the 2 witnesses can actually hold water, for what can be stated and prophecied about that hasn't already been done? John wrote at the end of Revelation that that was the end of scripture, so it is in error to add to it. While I've looked through it, and can say this is a very likely possibility to be accurate, that doesn't mean there aren't other possibilities. Some of these other prophecies have already been fulfilled in multiple ways in multiple places. Some seem to think the prophecy is going to be fulfilled in Sept. of 2017. Seriously, what difference does it make? If you're waiting for that to happen to nudge you into activity, then you believe that waiting for things to totally collapse is good. If that's your attitude, you're of no use, for others are already trying to establiish a better tomorrow, what do you bring to the table?

     Some believe in the return of making sacrifices in a newly constructed temple. This is to deny that Christ made the last sacrafice and it is a twisted scripture. You can't believe in the New Testament and the return of the sacrafices at the same time.

     One must always be wary of others interpretations of prophecy. There is a common one out of the Book of Ezekiel that after you've vanquished your enemy, you make a peace treaty with them. How in the world does this make any sense at all? It doesn't. They have pitched this story incorporating a non biblical rapture theory into it and its all ludacris. They started by following another mans interpretation and the 1st made a mistake by losing track of who's who. Without looking at it extremely diligently the same mistake can be made by anyone. Then others followed after him and blew past this mistake and expanded thier rapture theory into culture. While this makes for money making films, it's nonscencible and anti scriptural.

     I didn't come to know what the " Mark of the Beast " was by studying prophecy. I had a good understanding of the rest of the Book, and that made it obvious what it was.


     What is always necassary is to look at where you're at right now. How are you going to move forward in a practical manner. If you try to fit your plans to fulfill some prescribed prophecy, you'll get caught up into worrying about all the nuances and try to utilize some plan that is so sophisticated it can't be done in any practicle sense. Do the things that are obvious to do, and when they actually fulfill a prophecy, great, if not, then your future actions combined with other activity eventually will.

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