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The call to Holy War.

Start making preparations now. If you know something is going to happen, then prepare for it. It is written that faith and hope will no longer be necessary. This is because everyone will do the will of God because everyone will know exactly what that is. How they will know what that is is that the Bible will be taught correctly in every school across the world. It is absolutely irresponcible that this is not being done today. How can you dispence justice by a governing authority when laws, rules, regulations, and consequences for not adhearing to the laws are not taught in government run schools defies logical comprehension. While it could be argued very convincingly that no one is stopping you from acting decently today and that one won't run into trouble unless they are led astray, this lacks sight of the big picture. As people interact with one another situations arise and this is where the trouble begins. In dealing with people who are unbelievers it is inevitable that problems will arise. Isolation has never had long term benifits or been a workable program. Believing in God or not belief in a higher authority isn't the distinction one should make, but ones actions. To believe in God is to fall completely into his ways. Close examination and some cross referencing and interpulation and one can conclude the Bible speaks of how to go about everyhting. We have this information now, it just isn't being carried out. That leaves us with only one direction, to see that God's will is carried out. One should prepare for and act as they did in the last turn of the millenium, they did everything they could see to it things were done as if God himself were directing it. It simply isn't necassary for Christ to come back because everything he expects us to do is spelled out already. He would not allow for separation of church and state because every government action has underlying moral principles and objectives. He would also separate out people from who is rightous and who is not. It would be absurd for anyone to think that unrightous people to mark themselves, or list out thier depraved activities, so one must distinguish yourself from them.

The only logical way to do this is to think it through. How are we going to live and act once we've won, and why aren't we doing that now. When you realize the reasons for not living and acting like that now are without basis, then the way forward is obvious. We must return to 1st Principles. This is what Common Law or Natural Law is based on. It originates in the Old Testament and its most common known written documentation is the Magna Carta and the original US constitution, including the Declaration of Independance.

We are required to set the stage for the next 1000 years, children growing up will freely obey God's laws so as to not suffer the indignity of being enslaved bu thier own depravity. While the arguement could be made to try to rebuild some existing government administration, this always leaves some of the existing instruments of the previous program in place to topple and corrupt the next one. A good example of this is in mergers in companies. The company being bought out wants to keep some of its design flaws intact, but this is exactly the reason they are being bought out. It would be convienient to shirk off all this responcibility and say it isn't our problem, but that is not how God's law reads. While the meaning of life is simply to live it and as long as we are given the opportunity on this planet to explore all the faucets life can offer us, we need to reappropriate our main objective to the fulfilment of this objective.

Christian Supremacy is to be established. To allow another to have a presence is to disrespect God.   and FB


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