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2 Constitutions.

     The 1st united States constitution was written as the constitution "of" the people signifying that the people created it to serve them. It's called the organic constitution. The constitution written for the corporation known as THE UNITED STATES is written as the constitution "for" the people signifying that it was created by the corporation to serve those in control of the corporation and that the persons under it were under the control of the corporation, no longer free soveriegns of the land. They added the 13th and 14th Ammendments and included involuntary servitude and emancipation. While these words are fancy, thier true meaning for the corporation is that you're an employee of the corporation and emancipation means transfer of ownership. While this is unlawful, it is legal. Remove yourself from thier shackles, as it was done by fraud. There was never full disclosure of what they were doing presented to you, making it fraud, which has no statute of limitations. While most people will blow past this change and not think it significant, it exposes the attempt at coruption and the beginning of the top down authority imposed on people. To quote KrisAnne Hall," Now all we have is a dog and pony show."  To those in control of the corporation the constitution is meaningless brought on by superceding all its meaning with legal statutes and because you are a legal slave, and or, property of the corporation you only have the privilages, not rights, they grant you which is why you must get permits, licences, and thier approval to do anything. That is not free, that is being controlled. When you pay taxes, then you are no longer under involuntary servitude because you're willingly serving thier interests.


     There is one more thing that should be mentioned as far as common law. It was designed for people to represent themselves. There may be some debate over this as this isn't as simple as yes or no. Some hire a private attorney general to help them present a case in common law. This is not the same as an attorney, but may seem to be on the face of it. This gets to be a complex issue fast, with many legit positions on either side.

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