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What is The Christian Militia and where will it come from?

     Those restarting the republic in its proper form on a local level are acting as a militia would. Before we can move forward a legitimate government must be formed and this is the only way it can happen. You remove your ties to the existing corporate system to become free, or what is called soveriegn, lawfully known as a people. People is singular or plural. The only way to go about this is layed out at and at   Form your local governments that are established on the land instead of Admiralty law that is based on the sea. There are exactling parameters that have to be followed to the letter, so instruct yourself and your group as to how that is done.

     Those who have taken 1/2 way measures have ended up back in the Admiralty system, locked up in jail, sometimes for a long duration.

     To ackomplish this takes moral clarity that can only come from a dedicated Christian perpective. Without this clarity, failures are sure to happen.

     Without this foundation you are acting as the Admiralty Law enforcers, under color of law. Do not act as those!

     The only thing different that should be done differently than says is to be bold in your advertizing of what you are doing and open to the public. This is not the way of God, to do things in secret. The time to be timid hasn't worked. God commanded, in the Old Testament, "Proclaim Liberty!!" Proclaim is to do more than announce, but to post it properly in public view. True liberty can only come from Christ and being a follower of him. Liberty means Christ is your only King and you answer to him alone. This is the way the founders thought, and is supported by thier writtings.

     Out of this group, The Christian Militia, comes the men morally fit enough to be in a lawful entity to file the papers necassary to arrest abortionists and those engauged in mortal crimes, treason against God.

     Those engauged in supporting our current government services corporation, those who are supporting and involved in the Islamification of America, and those fighting for the socialistic comunism are all fighting for the same thing, statism. Statism is government from central planning, central banking, and central power. This is the exact opposite of a republican form of government.

     For a republican form of government to work, all must equip themselves to rise to the level of an equal among men.

     Right now, through growth of the financial system, most living human beings on the planet are being claimed as legal property by the Pontiff, in the Vatican, and that makes you the Popes bitch slave. He's openly said you need to ruled over by a world government. What more proof do you need? You're considered chattel, his property, to do with as he sees fit. The mindset behind this is unimportant, free yourself from thier legal statutes, own yourself and your property, as it is an abomination to do otherwise. Christ set you free, and to let another own you is to deny what Christ did for you.

     For to stop you in this endeavor they have to break all of thier own rules, and that exposes them for the decietful people they are.

     You might have the attitude that the legal documents that claim ownership of you doesn't matter to you, you're already free. To repeat what another people said," It matters to them." So go and do the right thing, officially remove yourself from thier illegal group as it has been fraudulant all along.

     Always, Always, Always remember Common Law and Natural Law has jurisdiction over any other form concieved by man.

      If you lack moral compass, you're destined to fail. We all make choises and these choises have consequences. It's a personal descision, but my advice is to start up your local common law government. You used to hear of community standards and that is what common law is, not the dictates of a centralized power.

     There seems to be 3 different factions fighting for statist power. Antifa is fighting for socialized communism, Islam fighting for Sharia, and groups fighting for the status quo. All are fighting for statism. The police aren't interviening, and this is the correct posture. Thier not your baby sitters, nor your rulers. Sometimes you just have to let people fight.

     Some are fighting for the right things but choose thier narative poorly. They say they are fighting for thier culture, heritage, and preservation of history. From the brainwashing of the media thier opponents equate that with slavery. If they changed thier narrative to better express thier objectives there may be some hope for them. If they say thier for state soveriegnty, decentralization of authority, reestablishing the ability of community standards on a local level, they may do well, but sticking with a narrative that hasn't worked will fail.

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