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     I've lived where prostitutes walk by several times a day and when a new one comes along she will ask me if I want a date. My responce is " I'm just not willing to treat someone else like that."

     That statement works on many levels but the most important one is that it doesn't assert a degrading position toward them, as that is the usual responce they recieve from someone who doesn't approve of what they are doing, and may inspire them to put more value into themselves and seek a better life.

     All sin starts in the mind. Some think on various ways to degrade others. This goes against the non-agression principle. Those who think it is OK to treat someone else as a prostitute would sell thier own mother into it if things got bad enough for them. Some think porn or stripper bars are less than treating women as prostitutes. These are not men.

     Muslins buy and sell women as sex slaves. ISIS has decided to come out with an edict that if 10 ISIS fighters gang rape a female, then she becomes Muslin. The depth of thier depravity has no limits. There is no way someone who has just been gang raped is going to believe in the god of those who abused her, so this gives them legal statute to behead her as an apostate, someone who leaves the religion.

     If you still think it is OK to ever treat a woman as a prostitute, stop right now, for this book will be of no value to you, and ask for your money back.  

     In Christianity it's mens responcibility for thier own thoughts and actions. In Islam it's the complete opposite.

A new way a people need to think about dealing with terrorists. Your gun may not save your life, for you may fall, but picked up off your person by a compatriot will stop the massacre.

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