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            What to do about the Muslin situation. When Mohammed went into caves he suffered from hypoxia poisoning from lack of oxygen. It gives you a euphoric state of mind and you can have your mind drift into states that feel real or like a dream. This is why on an airplane when cabin depressurizes oxygen masks fall down and you must put them on or you will comatose and or die. This is also why people climbing tall mountains take oxygen to the summit. After you get above a certain altitude your brain cannot maintain its connections.

            These altered states of mind feel real but must not be given any credence. Mohammed gave them credibility and he thought they were real. This is why he could gather so many people to him. If his stories were false to him others would have figured this out and abanded him. Another fatal flaw in its religion is that faith is above reason. If by faith 2+2=5 then 2+2=5 no matter what the reason is. Their clerics can issue edicts that seem to be idiotic nonsense and others misinterpret and lead others astray easily because reason is not the cornerstone. While Allah should be worshiped  blindly God said come let us reason together. Reason is the cornerstone of western civilization. In Mecca they took turns at having their gods on a throne. Then Mohammed took a black meteorite and put it on the throne and destroyed all the other idols and said there is only one god. True Muslims believe this black meteor to be their god. Then he has some invisible throne above him which apparently means he sits upside-down on it. If this sounds fantastically crazy then investigate the Muslim doctrine. They also have some weird idea about the moon in their symbolism. This is the most important thing one should take away from this, just because you feel something is real and accurate doesn’t mean it will stand up under close scrutiny. Our feelings and emotions can lead us astray and this is why God gives examples of proof.

            The only way to remedy this is to destroy completely this shrine and this meteorite, that way no one will ever again try to resurrect this false god. When God sends his presence out around the world some may think it to be Allah so we must act quickly to absolutely destroy it so that Islam cannot be given any credence. This should have been done immediately after 9-11 but George Bush went into a Mosque the very next day and said he had a lot of respect for the Muslim religion. They killed thousands of people and destroyed billions in hard earned equity and worship a black meteorite and he has a lot of respect for them. Their fanatical terrorism will end the day we destroy their god and its shrine and idols.

            Most of the soldiers in Iraq feel they are doing something worthwhile so they must be encountering people worth fighting for. If they didn’t think these people had some future they would rebel , take dishonorable discharge, leave their posts and get out of the army. It is our responsibility to end this religion so that their work is not in vain and prolonged forever. They are being injured and dying and the only way to end this is to end this false religion.

            After 9-11 George Bush sided with the Northern Alliance. The other side is made up of tribes of the Pashtuns. These Pashtuns’ are 4 tribes of Israelites that believe a mixture of Judaism and Islam so we allied ourselves against God’s chosen people. The Pashtuns made it a law their children couldn’t fly kites because the Northern Alliance would see kites flying and target them. So we allied ourselves with people who grow heroin and target children. The profits from crude oil have been sent into the tribal regions and the Saudi’s have converted many Pashtuns to Islam. The profits of oil from Saudi Arabia are going to convert Israelites to Islam from land promised to the very same Israelites. The Wahabees in Saudi Arabia can read the Bible to and for them this makes good sence because in the Bible God will call his exiled children home and part of this home includes the entire Arabian peninsula. The Wahabees are covering up the fact that the real Mt. Sinai, Jabel al Laws, is in Saudi Arabia.

            One of the reasons the highjackers of 9-11 flew the planes into the World Trade Centers is because after the first Gulf War the Saudi government was given the bill for the entire war, that is they were charged for everything. This bankrupted the entire country. Overnight their equity was gone. If the nation has a debt, it is a debt against the whole people. It is the same as having had a mortgage placed on your house that you and your children and their children will pay for happening overnight. This bad faith dealing is what lead to them attacking the financial temples of commerce. The Pentagon and the Officials of the army have decided that when called upon to defend or occupy other lands that they will charge those countries the costs. They call it exporting our national debt


            Thomas: Saying 59   Look to the living one as long as you live, for you might die, and then try to see the living one and you will be unable to see.


            Hold Jesus and his works in high regard and don't misuse his death on the cross to sin flagrantly or you will burn in hell and never recapture redemption and it is important to do this forever, there isn't a way to dom a lot of good and slip into depravity before you die and have the good outwiegh the bad, you are expected to be good all life long, never give up, Christ didn't give up on you! He did as his father expected, he went with the soldiers to his beating, cross, and death.


            Thomas: Saying 70   If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.


            What is within you is God himself, it requires the development of insight to fully utilize this quality, and your conscience working in your daily life and he will save you from damnation. If you don't access God which is surely dwelling within you, God will cast you into the Lake of Fire, eternal damnation.


            Q.   Any man that marries a divorced woman commits audultry.


            The only exeption is if she is divorced from a male that commited audultry and this is the cause of the separation, for then he is dead in the eyes of God, but if the man married her to marry a divorced woman, that is if his intent is to do wrong, then even if she is virtuous, he will burn in hell forever.


            What is the difference between a wife and a concubine?


            A wife doesn't ask what to do, she knows and does it before it is asked of her. Her main concern is being a partner with her husband all day long and supervising the raising of thier children. Not for a moment does she not know where her husband is and makes sure his welfare is maintained. No pre-existing arangements are allowed, it is a total and complete commitment. A concubine is only loyal, she can work or have other endeavors and pursue them freely- this is not allowed for a wife. The difference can be summed up in if you want more you have to give more. A wife checks herself, that is, before she complains to her husband about something she asks herself is there anything she can do to rectify the situation and if she can does so while a concubine is more likely to develop an attitude and blame and expect more from others. In the end it is up to the female which role she wants to be.


            Although the Bible doesn't specifically speak about courtship behavior, what is acceptable and what isn't is a question best answered by another question. How would you treat her if she already was your wife? This question begins to put things into a much clearer perspective. The intimacy issues between talking , hand holding, kissing, hugging, through and up to intercource are easier to assess if your intensions are to play around or have a lifetime commitment. If you are not interested in a lifetime commitment then everything is forbidden because you are just manipulating someone elses feelings even if they say that is alright with them. No matter how much they try to brush off feelings and concearns it cannot be done so any thing is wrong. If you are going to have a life time commitment then you are to be a protector of her virtue, not someone guilty of taking it away. One should never go so far that if a change of heart takes place that self respect cannot be maintained by both. All of this is the males responcibility. Just as the fathers and brothers of the females who have had abortions will be held accountable for not properly supervising thier females so you are accountable for your behavior during courtship.


            Nonconformaty is acceptable behavior as it can give rise to creativity but rebellion isn't.


            If all our physical laws are constant why is it so hard to grasp that are moral laws are. Our present day leaders are in conscious rebellion. They are guilty of deriliction of duty. It isn't that they are incompetant, it is that they are willfully negligent and will surely burn in hell for thier desision to consort with the enemy.


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