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Symbol John wrote in Revelation 16:16. Middle is a snake with staff directly above.


The reason for this book is exactly as it implies, to pull together those worthy of being in God’s army with an established set of principals and objectives. Antichrist is already here and most of the people already unwittingly worship the mark of the beast. There is no organization or government established that could ever become worthy of representing God.

Snake on a staff,sick and twisted, black. god of the damned.

Islamic Mark of the Beast. Snake with staff above it in center. Can be read forward or backward as " Fighting for the Snake " or "For the Snake we fight."


  This is the fabled mark of the beast. My parochial teacher said it would be a road sign, something everyone would recognize no matter their intellect.

            Satan cannot come up with an original thought, he can only corrupt.  Numbers 21,9.  had Moses going around with a snake on a pole and everyone who looked on it would be healed. Not that they should worship it, but that looking alone would heal them. This story never made sense to me until I realized reading Revelation that this set the stage for Satan to corrupt this symbol and expose him later. If you look at this symbol it shows Satan’s way of looking at things telling you you should believe that you should bend round and round, be sick and twisted, and you will go to his heaven, but you will go to hell. This sign is the shape of a snake, something repeatedly used to describe Satan.

 This sign has been used repeatedly in marketing.

            It is written that people receive the mark of the beast in your right hand and in your forehead. This means use your right hand, or more specifically your strength to do evil, sick and twisted things. And in your forehead to think of doing evil, sick and twisted things. Thinking and doing evil things consumes the whole body and spirit. This is what it means to worship the mark of the beast.

            Satan has all forms of enticement and when you steal something or get it by immoral means it just about always leads to an immediate financial gain. Doctors who cannot cut it in the real world of medicine make huge sums of money killing God’s creations. Businesses dump toxic waste unlawfully and with willful negligence to escape huge proper storage costs. Corporations cook the books to show false profits while the officers get huge salaries and kick backs. Police are paid to look the other way. Government officials corrupt the finances and take tax money to pay for abortions. Unsafe and unreliable things are marketed everyday. Slacking off or not working productively, even not putting in required hours. As an employer, not paying compensatory pay or agreed upon price for labor performed. Falsifying insurance claims. Selling drugs. Marketing pornography. Unjustifiably going to war to acquire natural resources, loot goods. Gouging on government contracts. False accusations resulting in gaining credit from someone else’s work. Having your YouTube channel demonetized, stifling & regulating out of business rare earth mining and refining and product development of those resources, central banks printing money for themselves and buying stock with it thus you lose a percentage of the business, printing fiat currency and inflating and deflating its value and using the market to gain a larger percentage of wealth with no investment other than the cost of printing paper, getting taxpayer funded bailouts for your financial gain, claiming natural resources as collateral against the national debt even though they are lawfully someone else's and having BLM and FWS thugs to drive off inhabitants and rightful owners.

            There are innumerous ways to gain immorally. Satan wants to kill you, that is to lose your eternal soul. Once you give in to an immoral act it becomes easier & easier and your conscience becomes seared. It is incredibly easy to rationalize and justify immoral activity. It is easy to stare Satan in the face and say I want nothing to do with you but it is easy to be corrupted over time by tiny pieces.

            Satan wants to kill you if you don’t worship the mark of the beast, which is an idol of himself. Worshiping the mark of the beast and worshiping satan himself is the same thing. If you don’t worship him, that is to sin grievously, Satan will unrelentingly hate you.

            To cause all who refused to worship the image to be killed can be done on many levels. If you are a policeman who just got with a new crew and everyone else is getting paid off by drug dealers and you don’t go along with them and are going to turn them in you could easily end up dead on the job by the conspirators There are other ways you could be fatally wounded for not going along with the crowd but another way to be killed could mean to cause to be reduced to insignificance. In a job setting being passed over for promotion and being left at a minimal position and end up barely making ends meet. To have your work sabotaged, vandalized, stolen. If you are loyal to God, Satan will do everything in his ability to destroy you by any means. People will not adhere to commitments, promises, break contracts by false statements or falsifying documents, innuendo, conspiracy with other contractors and businesses. How many times have whistle blowers been terminated and found reemployment almost impossible even though their actions were justified and warranted, even saving others lives. The coercion to remain silent is strong but is of the devil. In the last days it is said that week willed women will be easily be lead astray. There are many that disgrace themselves and are seduced by sick and twisted males and other divorced females seeking a feeling of kinship that will sabotage their marriages and commit adultery and fornication. Divorce lawyers will profit themselves in their deranged pursuit of your equity. Your children will be taken away and your rights stamped into nothingness. Harnessed with payments to people who betray you, commit lewd acts, and are considered normal demonstrates satan’s power today. This is slavery to depraved maniacs. They will lie to no end and conspire with others giving no thought to their eternal soul. Illegitimate clergy condone their behavior and say God forgives everything.

            There are some who have said for years that this will be some form of electronic chip or card requirement or number assigned but this doesn’t hold water. We already have numbers assigned to us, Social Security, license and others. And this is world wide. It was looked into many years ago that at least six different monetary units would be required to maintain a world economy, that is to maintain an established way to trade. If you had fewer currencies global economics would eventually collapse. One would get to strong and other units would be subject to radical fluctuations in value and would cease to be viable. With this happening, the whole economy would be filled with huge fluctuations and everything would destabilize. If the world economy requires this much sophistication then no computerized single monetary system could ever come into being.

            It also doesn’t fulfill the requirement of the image being worshiped, that is to worship some assigned number.

            While there are many scriptural references that call Satan a serpent and describe worshiping him as bending round and round, and being sick and twisted, many describe worshiping God as following the straight and narrow and to make paths straight. This may sound old school and if it was this simple why didn’t anyone think of it before. It is because we have lapsed and didn’t keep cognizant of our responsibilities. That  and we delegated this responsibility to people totally inadequate to the cause.

            Don’t think you can live in a bubble and somehow think you can escape this. If God is punishing your neighbors for their bad behavior with hostile weather then your crops will be damaged  and buildings upset also. This should motivate you to take measured responses. Be careful in your dealings, people have made blunders due to ignorance in the past. The Salem witch trials came about because of a rare fluke of nature changing crop residues when using to give the people in the area adverse effects. That is they were poisoned resulting in having the same effect as using LSD. The way the body responded was the same and when the people were obviously having problems people thought incorrectly they were being persuaded by satan. The same thing happened in Europe and helped continue the Inquisition. Thankfully we have enough scientific knowledge to prevent that from happening again.

            Unfortunately only a few people knew enough to come to Stark, Florida when Paul Hill was murdered. Deranged psycho’s killed him and good people did nothing but pray, and praying isn’t going to do the job. If they would have come they would have seen God’s temper starting to flare. This is documented by the local TV news how they thought the world was going to come to an end and they called the weather apocalyptic on live TV. It is also documented on by Erick Eggleton ,  and other web sites. Why God didn’t continue to come back was no one was ready and they still don’t know how to get ready. This is what I am trying to solve.

            If Armageddon in the Hebrew means wheat field then it can happen anywhere.  Revelation 16:21 the hail falling out of heaven and landing on men is the same prophecy as God pouring out his spirit on men in the last days, that is his presence will encompass the earth. Every human has been terrified of God’s immense presence when they encounter it. Now think of how this will effect the evil and demonically possessed. This terror will cause them to curse God.

            Now consider the aftermath of this event. The sick and twisted after cursing God will know they have no place in heaven and this event will cause them to join Satan’s army then. Now they believe the babble TV evangelists tell them that they always can come to God. This isn’t biblically correct. After God’s presence is poured out around the world we will need to move quickly, thus the need to get prepared now. After doing some initial things that need to be remedied we will need to be patient for a while so Satan can regroup, organize and collect all of his stragglers. A lot of people will commit suicide after  God’s presence is poured out. Having been defiant to God previously they will know they are going to go to hell when they die and see no reason to live any longer. Some will try to believe what the TV evangelists have said that they can always come to God and Antichrist will encourage this belief and we will let this happen. Yes we will let this happen.

            Armageddon and the war explained in Chapter 19 are 2 separate events. Armageddon is only the kick off and the other is the finish. Right now no one would join Satan’s army and the reason they will later is because they have nothing to lose. Some who worshiped the mark of the beast  will kill themselves and others will fight in the last battle, it makes no difference.

            Some of the police officers and security guards will fight against God and us in the beginning and the rest we will get in the end. In the between times we must be careful not to let anyone unqualified to come into our ranks and infiltrate us. This is why I say to organize and get to know each other now. We don’t need any Jonny come lately’s. This will happen with God’s help and thus no need to worry about being out numbered.

            It will take divine intervention to obtain this goal. It cannot be done in any other way. After God encompasses his presence all governments will cease to be effective. On currency it says “ In God We Trust “ but what if he proves he cannot trust them.  People will blame the government for not instructing them how to keep their eternal salvation and in their anger they will kill off most of the government officials they can get their hands on and we will let them, who kills them makes no difference. If they live through this they will help organize Satan’s army to fight against us and we will let them.

            Because in this in-between  time society will collapse, we need to protect those worthy of protection and this will be the most difficult thing to do and be an ongoing struggle on how to deal with all the complexities of this situation. To protect people who have ever promoted abortion or adultery is to defile ourselves and finding this out will be difficult so ask everyone you know now and document their positions so no one will infiltrate the ranks.

            Discontinue any relationships with unrighteous people now. Admit we lost the battle for their souls. No one can legitimately say they didn’t know any better.  Ignorance and stupidity are conscience decisions. There is a season for everything and it is time to prepare for war because every other legitimate avenue has been pursued.

            When God sends his presence around the world and governments collapse all government documents will be null and void. No credence will be given claims of property rights, decrees, marriage certificates, licenses, anything at all. This will give us, those who fought in the first battle of Armageddon free reign to do as we please. We will be the only established authority with property rights of everything and I mean everything. Others will try to claim they have some established rights by heritage or payments but will mean nothing for without fighting for God  before he comes back proves our faith and gives us the only people rights should be granted to. This is not a new concept. The original government of the United States gave only right to vote to people who owned property.

            If you stop and think of this for just one moment then you realize how huge a task and responsibility this is. To have only a few people to own and govern the whole world is a massive undertaking. To try to maintain everything will be impossible and streamlining will be a must. How many times in the past have such huge encompassing wars retreated technical knowledge. There is no way to prepare entirely for the tribulation to come, but at least the coming tribulation will be against the unrighteous for being stupid. Your allegiance lies with the Lamb of God or with man, not a difficult decision.




            These statements are the cornerstone of Christian Orthodoxy. If we are to pray thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven, then our statement of beliefs shouldn’t have an earthly title. Russian, Greek, Jewish Orthodoxy faiths are all faiths of the world and we must establish that our principals come from heaven. And Orthodoxy means to think straight, not sick and twisted like a snake.




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