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Muhammad is written as a forked toungue snake and they even advertize this.

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ISIS's Flag has the Mark of the Beast incorporated into it. If you look at the bottom line it starts with the symbol of a forked tongue and ends with a snake head. God does not work in mysterious ways. This shows that Islams foundations are a lying snake. Also Allah is written as a snake, and even has an imitation Moses staff.

Turns out I am not alone in seeing this! A website, has also come to the same end result. They have found it in Aribic writings. They are right, they just didn't realize the scope of why they were right. In Aribic the symbol for Allah is a snake. Mohammad is wriiten as a lying snake. Look closely at thier youtube video and you will come to the same assesment.

As I said, they are right, but thier analisis only covers the scope of Islam and they didn't quite realize the scope of why they were right.


The Islamic Mark of the Beast can be read forward saying, " We Fight for the Snake," or backwards, " For the Snake We Fight."

If you are having trouble with the link, go to youtube and type in, " Mark of the Beast and Islam." If that doesn't work go to thier home page and it's there.

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