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Never before has it been so important to elect qualified local officials. They're your representatives. If they don't understand that you have to increase your gross domestic product to solve financial problems then they are not qualified. << New text box >>

We are all taught Western Europe history and the Dark Ages after Rome fell but the capital had already moved to Constantinople and it barely missed a beat. We can see that Washington DC is in full self-destruction mode and we are about to get sucked down into its vacumn.  To try to elect new officials has been tryed in the past and never has worked. There is a term described for doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome.

I know some will view this as demeaning to elected officials by making them unviable entities and by incinuating that we cannot even replace them because they've screwed things up this bad is hatefull but I see it as an honest assessment of the situation at hand. << New text box >>

Organizing the states of The Louisiana Purchase into a solidified entity will minimize a down turn spiral. There are important things for survival but prosperity in the future should be the goal.

Accuaint your self with THORIUM as it is the next big thing. We need to put this on the fast track for implementation as soon as possible. Progress is being hampered by ignorance and statice quoe. Investing in this power source will provide a long term solution for northern climate power needs.  Information is found at {energyfromthorium} and a video documentary explaining most questions, also is a forum and about a months worth of research to digest for a layman, maybe more, and more is being added constantly.

Taking money out of Wall Steet and puting some here and other regional utilities will provide stable risk for pensions and health insurance companies.

We don't have to fall into the trap of reaching rock bottom as an alchoholic or drug addict to see that change is needed. Those who suffer this fate will believe whatever nonscence is thrown at them.

One thing to remember about Washington DC, They need us does not mean we need them. << New text box 

Although not rising to legal pressident it is interesting to note that no consideration was made as to the opinion of the inhabitants of the Louisiana Purchase during its negotiations. << New text box >>

One thing that remains timeless, when there is a will, there is a way.<< New text box >>

The Philippines broke away from the United States in 1949.  More can be found at<< New text box >>

<< New text box >>

     If Louisiana was to stand alone in the states of the Louisiana Purchase in 10 years it could increase its Gross Domestic Product from $213.6 billion to approx. $1.0 trillion by becoming a hub of rare earth refining & processing. While rare earth metal industry is only a $3 billion market internationally, it produces $5 trillion in products internationally. Through 25 years of neglect and stupidity U.S. Congress has blocked rare earth refining in U.S. to give China a monopoly.    Reference:

Refining can be done in a more enviromentally friendly way than by using nitric acid. It requires a royalty to be paid to Havelide Systems Inc.

Stephen Boyd, CEO, has proprietary process that can be utilized.

Ore can be purchased upstream from Pea Ridge Mine and from  and refined. Louisiana is in an ideal location also as international ocean vessels can be brought upstream and unloaded at a facility. While international sales of rare earths is only a $3 billion a year business the same thing can be done as China does. They have an export duty on rare earths that makes it more cost effective to buy complete components thus giving them a $5 trillion a year into thier economy. This is being politicized as unfair but is truly an agressive way to maximize thier industrial output. They are simply taking advantage of the U.S. governments stupidity. If Louisiana could capitalize on only 1/5 of the global market of products that use rare earths in 10 years it would account for increasing the GDP x 4. This could easily be done and even quicker if motivated. There are no U.S. manufacturers of products now so factories would have to be built so it cannot happen overnight, but 10 years to get to this level is conservative.

Also spinoffs of refining rare earths is thorium. This metal can be used in building of ships and bridge anchorages as it can be alloyed and welded. It can also be used as fuel in LFTR nuclear reactors. U.S. government has seen fit to help China develop nuclear reactors by using proprietary information gained by Oak Ridge Labs who ran a Molten Salt Reactor during the Cold War.

Thats right, U.S. developed this safe nuclear reactor and now is helping China build one and won't help U.S. citezens develop. If we don't get a reactor online before China we will all have to pay China royalties for every kilowatt of electricity used in the future. If we make it a priority to build a reactor 1st then we will be able to licence and internationally patent reactor designs. This will only increase GDP into state coffers. If you want to guaranty your childrens education will pay off into jobs and opportunity by letting them do startups while still in colledge and highschool then secession is a must or will be foiled by corrupt polititions as the Tucker Car was crushed. CREATE A FUTURE FOR YOUR CHILDREN

If these aren't enough reasons I will ad more as I can.

secededlinks is looking for a facility to begin rare earth refining along Mississippi River that is turnkey or won't take a lot to bring into use. It would help if it had rail already coming into it and ability to unload barge as well as ocean going vessels. It may not be nessasary to unload ships to begin with but future capability will be given favoritism. If anyone knows of such a facility available for lease or purchase please email and I will pass along any info to a startup company based in Louisiana.

Trouble getting link to work so go to YouTube and put into search:

Thorium, Heavy Rare Earths, China & the loss of Hi-Tech Manufacturing Jobs


NorthKorea has sold in May and June 2014 over $1.88 million dollars worth of rare earth metals to China

U.S. policy on Thorium is stifling the economy. If we can build Molten Salt Reactors, LFTR, we can produce electricity for less than coal. 20,000hrs. of safe operation of a Molten Salt Reactor at Oak Ridge Labatories was shelved due to political reasons and because it didn't produce weapons grade materials. Bill Gates is shoveling money into China and they are using our research and technology to build another MSR and will own International Patents and Licences. Therefore in the future we will all have to pay a surcharge on all electricity to China who took our research and used it to make a profit from us. If we pull together and privately fund development and beat China, these advantages will become ours. This could easily be funded privately as it will take less than 1/2 of 1% of Louisiana's GDP to fund. This is clearly achievable. Spinoffs of this technology include most of the ingrediants for advanced medical technology for cancer research and treatment. Also sale of the thorium metal to be used in ship and barge construction and bridge anchorages as far superior to existing materials. Thorium is abundant. Thorium is 4 times the amount globally as uranium and is 100% usable as fuel. Uranium is only 5% usable. Thorium reactors can have spent nuclear fuel sprinkled into them, eliminating costly storage of existing waste. Cheap electricity means more clean carbon free ways of recycling as microwaving tires, cleaning up the enviroment. Failure to secede from the U.S. as it is, is to have social engineering implemented inhiring of product development and factories, demanding that work force is 15% homosexual origin and an agenda from a bloated buracracy interfering with development and distribution.

A wise man once said, " Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach him to fish, and he will eat forever." Obama gave away free phones built in China, build factories that build phones and everyone can earn one.

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