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                Synopsis of Genesis Creation Account


            In the begining God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth became formless and empty. ( When the planet Orpheus?crashed into it and then became our moon, and like Venus gets a new surface every so often, earth became molten on its surface and thus became formless and empty ) darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters. ( God's Spirit hovering over the waters signifies a change in referance point from a neutral position to an earth based position of referance. ) And God said, " Let there be light, " and there was light. God saw that the light was good, and he separated the light from the darkness. God called the light " day, " and the darkness he called " night. " And there was evening and there was morning--the first day. ( These referances evening and morning mean God stepped back from creating and this gave the angels time to look over his creation and celabrate and the first day means event or epoch or significant grouping of events. Even if a person tried to look at this as a 24 hour period of time the true 24 hour period wouldn't start until God said, " Let there be light, " in verce 3 after the heavens and earth are created so any 24 hour interpretation is thereby flawed. There was a time to quit and a time to restart. No one says there was dusk and there was dawn, the first day. This just isn't said in this way, you would say there was dawn and there was dusk, the first day. Something about this translation is suspect. And there was evening and there was morning would logically be followed by, the first night. Something is obviously wrong here. There is also the reality that is considered best by the expression, " The sun doesn't set on the British Empire."

            Looking in the Strongs Concordance at the root words the error becomes evident. The things to consider here are this is the begining of the Bible and therefore being witten early. One should analize the root words used because other words spring from them later as refinements in definitions were nessasary or to explain more but these words aren't used until needed. You start with simple words and expand from there. In English we add to the begining of words and to the end to elaborate meaning and this always comes later after the base word needs to be modified. People who copied the Bible later may have used these more defining words as refinement to possibly incorporate oral traditions handed down. This doesn't mean they were trying to mislead but only to refine and elaborate as they thought correct. The most likely occurance is that these more defining words didn't even exist when it was first being written or developed into an oral tradition.    Using 2 definitions of the base words we will say this, " And the engage, meddle and the inspect, admire were the first age, season. Saying this, or even using other definitions makes perfect sence. When we speak normally language flows, that is it makes sence. These definitions make a fluid sentance that makes logical sence. Finding the root of the problem is solved by going to the root words. From here on it follows a logical scientific progression. As the atmosphere changed different animals came and went. As the different continental plates shifted plants came and went and then finally to Adams creation. When calculating back to Adams birth 4000 years B.C. was assigned but this didn't take into account that the writers only had selective oral traditions, that is they only spoke of people of noteriety and left out certain generations. The word for father also may mean grandfather, greatgrandfather, or ancester so an exact date can be found best by DNA evidence. DNA evidence shows a common male ancester approximately 25,000 years ago from Noah, and a common female ancester no earlier than 37,000 years ago, Eve. This may be alarming for some but this science proves creation thus discounting entirely evolution. When science has proven the existance of God one needs to embrace it entirely.  When and why race developed might have been to keep people aprehensive of others. This may sound counterproductive but encountering others that are different promotes stimulation and a desire to aquire what is right and best of both. ) 

            From undertaking to inspecting was the first epoch.


            What is beyond the edge of the univerce?


            The scientists call the begining of the Univerce as " Vacumn Genesis. " That is a kernal of energy in a vacumn expanded into everything. That is it looped into one dimensional vibrating strings called superstring theory and grouped into electrons, quarks, protons, neutrons. Electrons spin around protons and neutrons in different distances from  the center. Between these orbits and the center there is nothing. Even between orbits there is nothing . That is why they don't have drag and slow down and come closer to the center and collapse or degrade. Even one dimensional strings have nothing in the centers. It is this same nothing that is beyond the edge of space. It takes matter or energy to define existance of space. If somehow you could travel to the edge of space there is no edge. If you looked out you would see nothing because there is nothing there yet. If you traveled out then the space would be defined  because you, having mass and energy, define that space. That would bring the start of time to that space. Putting matter and energy there gives referances for dimensions to measure. This is contrary to all our sences and perceptions but puts into perspective infinity and time.  


            What is meant by having a monkey on your back?



            When Adam & Eve sinned and brought death into the world this means that the possibility of going to hell when you die came into existance. Before that you could have died and then only the possibility of going to heaven existed.


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