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Does God Really Exist?                                                                                                                           The best way to analyze anything is to look at the evidence from an objective point of view and not come from a fixed position and then try to look at the evidence to support an initial conception. The big bang theory has been analyzed down to -.1 to the 43rd power second from the initial explosion. Then in 1999 the public was brought into the full discovery of 10dimensional superstring theory which took the big bang theory back to the instant of creation. A simple statement as “ the probability of a quantum event is proportional to the time interval.” had the profound revelation that the laws of physics remained constant back to the instant of creation.                                                                                        Two other discoveries are the necessity of our sun to have the right elements in it is that it had to be in formation at the right time during a close by supernova to receive the correct amounts of materials being formed in a manner in which it did has a probability factor of 10 to the 80th power by random chance. And the other is our moon 1st being a tenth planet and crashing into the 1st earth and depositing our iron core and the remaining moon keeping our axis at 23* has a random chance of 10 to the 130th power. This when there are 10 to the 27th power number of stars bring these events beyond the classification of astronomical. There are now 128 such events in history that have been designated as being beyond astronomical.                                                                                                     With evolutions hypothesis that nature brings higher beings into existence not standing up to the testable scrutiny the fields of Intelligent Design have given merit to only one conceivable explanation, progressive creationism. When the earth was still forming 3.8 billion years ago bacteria were actively creating the atmospheric oxygen we breathe today. No other life began on this earth until 600,000 years ago when an entire new species came into existence every year. As the atmosphere changed new forms of life came into being with the perfect adaptations necessary for their environment. Intelligent Design provides the catalyst that evolution cannot provide.                                                    With a creation event and creation established along earth’s progressive history one should conclude that this creator should have wanted his presence known for his creations to acknowledge and left some significant information to be obtained for those inquiring. So a search into history should reveal which or all gods to account for our presence.                                                                                                                                                      Confucianism, Buddhism, Shintoism, Islam, Zoroastrianism, and Christianity-Judaism are of the oldest known teachings.                                                                                           Confucianism isn’t really a religion and is more of a lifestyle and choices for it doesn’t posess a real deity.                                                                                                                       Buddhism has 3 gods for every person, and the most acknowledged god, Krishna, is a corrupted version of the Prophet Elijah going to heaven, changed into a deity.                                  Early Shintoism has all the style and forms of early Judaism with writing styles and priestly practices that mirror what was done in the early temple of Yahwey. The most logical explanation is that they lived by the Jews before they moved to Japan and took their practices with them.                                                                                                                               Islam professes to have one god called Allah but close examination of history reveals that Mohammed rode into Mecca and placed a black meteorite into the Kabah and in the truth that meteorite is what they believe to be god to be. If you have seen movies when an airplane becomes depressurized oxygen masks fall down and you must put them on, this to prevent the onset of hypoxia. It is oxygen depravation and you will go into a euphoric state of mind if you don’t get enough oxygen. It is this lack of understanding that has fooled many. Because of the way hypoxia works Mohammed felt in earnest that he had revelations from God but today with study we can discount everything that was written. Islam also has a fatal flaw in that it puts faith above reason. We use reason in our everyday lives and reason is the cornerstone of western civilization, but if 2+2=5 then in Islam it is so.                                                                                                                                             Zoroastrianism believes in one god and forces of darkness and light. While is deserves much merit it doesn’t have any personal relationships with a creator but does call for a day of eternal judgment.                                                                                                                     Judaism is one of the oldest religions and recent findings in ancient Chinese suggest it to be around in China as its 1st religion and may be documented to 30,000 B.C.       Recent archeological findings by Ron Wyatt and filmed and documented later by Bob Cornuke and Larry Williams show the true Mt. Sinai being burnt by intense heat on top of Jabel Al Laws in Saudi Arabia.                                                                                                            They found the path across the Gulf of Aqaba only 2-4ft. deep leading into the land of Median or western Saudi Arabia and the Pharos chariots down in the Red Sea and 38 other specific items mentioned in the Bible on the way to Jabel Al Laws and undisputable evidence for the Exodus. Recently found papyrus found in Egypt also document the plagues suffered by the Egyptians including the death of all the first born. All historical claims in the Old Testament have been confirmed by archeological data. Reading the account of Genesis in the Hebrew reveals much. “ In the beginning God created the entire universe.” This corresponds exactly with the big bang theory. “ And the earth became void and without form.” This corresponds exactly with our moon crashing into the first earth and it becoming completely molten again. Again, if this didn’t happen life wouldn’t exist without our moon and its probability of happening by chance at 10 to the 130th power shows it to be beyond astronomical and would be worthy of note in a historical document.                                                                                                                                        “ And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.” This signifies a change in perception of the narrative moving from space to a perspective of on earth.                         A lot of confusion has come from misinterpreting the statement, “ And the evening and the morning were the first day.” But in Hebrew, going to the root words it should read, “Engaging and inspecting were the first phase.” This is the proper interpretation and if followed through erases all the flaws and misconceptions. Whenever God would speak it would make sense and provide instruction. We take it for granted that during phases of construction you stop and inspect your work to insure and ending that is satisfactory, and it is this philosophy of work standards that was trying to be understood. Again and again this phrase comes up and it is meant for instruction as to establish a work pattern.                                                                                                                                                  Some have erringly said the moon and the stars were created on the fourth day but even in English it is spelled out made, not created, making this a reiteration of previous work.                                                                                                                                                           “And God said, Let us make man in our own image, after our likeness.” This statement in Hebrew means spirit like and signifies created with an eternal soul. Some have debated on how Adam was created, thinking God used Neanderthal parts but our DNA is so much different it isn’t possible. In the Hebrew it is meant as a newly developed species and no mixture of previous parts and when we look as to how He jump started Adam we only have to look to the Shroud of Turin to find the radiation markers left on the cloth to find out how it happened. Christ coming back into his body and Adam coming to life happened exactly in the same manner.                                                                               Genesis, when properly interpreted, exactly coincides with what science has explained and Old Testament history has been documented in enough extra biblical sources to be confirmed. Even DNA history proves the accuracy of the Bible. There is a rough estimate of an Eve dating back to approximately 50,000 years ago but a single male ancestry from about 20,000 years ago. Noah and his sons were all of Noah’s DNA and their wives would have had separate sources so the flood account is verified by DNA history.                                                                                                                                                 This brings us to Christianity. Christianity is an extension of Judaism, not a new religion. There is established historical documents showing Christ while on earth traveled from Glastonbury England with his Uncle Joseph of Aramathea all the way to the Himalayas in the center of the 2 most populace nations on earth, India and China. This is exactly what you would expect of God if he came to earth, to investigate his creation first hand in a personal way. Some have thought God is accountable for the evil that takes place on earth but it was established for humans to have dominion over the planet and God repeatedly told humans to rectify injustice. When Christ died on the cross no attachment of blame can ever be put on God for evil.                                                                          When a person wanted to be trained in the martial arts they would have to make a demonstration of worthiness to their instructor. Some would have to stand outside the masters house in an uncomfortable horse-stance and other requirements much more difficult were required for instruction. If men require a demonstration of endurance, fortitude, and integrity to receive instruction wouldn’t God require much more. This is why it takes more than belief in a deity to receive salvation. A job application costs you nothing, but once you get the job you have to do it.                                                                               Sometimes the way to find the answer to something is to take it to its conclusion. If there was a creation event and creation in steps then there is a creator. The real question is if Christ were to appear to you today would you be happy he reaffirmed your belief in him or would you be ashamed you ever had dought?                                                                A common saying of atheists is their unbelief in that Jesus had to come down and die on a cross to save us from our sins, as if a Zoroastrian belief has more merit and there is reason behind this analogy.                                                                                                                 A response to this is to ask if they owe police officers more than a paycheck. Do you owe soldiers more than money, after all they provide the protections they live by. Modernity has provided a jaded culture of entitlement. If you understand the line, “ And I won’t forget the men who died, who gave their lives for me.” Then you understand how for centuries Christ giving up his life tugged at people’s heartstrings and made them yearn to not make his death an act of futility. This act of giving up his life for his friends was what he demonstrated.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      


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