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     Lets start with a truth about the Declaration of Independance.

     All men are created equal. We are all born nursing from our mothers and going in a diaper. Society has a right to expect us to become more than that.

     Whether we believe in the wars we are fighting or not, we all have the duty to be people worth fighting for.

     We used to be a society that was based on personal responcibility and have been theoretically replaced with BIG BROTHER, which leaves the question who is watching the watchers and what is the basis of thier morality.

     The reason for this website is to help people collaborate and develop the way necassary for a realistic approach to suceed from the union. The reason to do this may seem obvious but I will interject my view and leave that open to debate by your own locality. The Founding Fathers didn't have running water or electricity or most of the modern conveniences and still they did extremely well. Mostly because human nature hasn't changed much since the begining of time. I've tried to come up with a name that captures the end pursuit of this movement. UNITED STATES 2.0  This signifies that we are not reinventing the wheel but are trying to throw out the garbage and misdirection that has occured. A get back to basics and allow for expansion. I have no way of knowing how to definitively go about this, so this site will try to assist others in this pursuit by hopefully allowing others to collaborate as to the specific needs for thier locality.

     This is a site that is supported only by one person so it will be a no frills thing. I will expect the dialog to be constructive and relevant. Please establish your own way of collaboration and if you develop a site yourself I will try to establish a link so others working in cooperation with you can find a way to integrate thier efforts.

     The Texas Nationalist Movement started this approach to remove themselves from stupidity but I think they have failed. I say this not to be derogatory but to analyze what has been thier shortcomings so far. I believe in a win even if you don't win approach. Start with coming to know your local officials and thier positions. Do it from a ground up approach. Find people to put into office that support your objectives, that are of moral character that meet the litmus test.

     I must say this was the job of the Masons, after all they began this nation, but they have failed to maintain the moral clarity and direction of the country. Anyone can Monday morning quarterback so anything I write is meant to be constructive and look forward to not make the same mistakes that have been made. If you are reading this you are not a pacifist and are concerned about the future and the direction it is going.

     In the end, this is about how do you want to live.

     This movement is intended to succeed. That being said, one must come from the most informed, objective, and intelligent perspectives available. I have a list of resources that are available to anyone simply by going to the library and requesting them. If they don't have it they can have it transferred in. I will not be reselling anything for profit to support this site. The Texas Nationalist Movement is a one-position movement, only independance, and I believe that clarification on issues on issues over a range of subjects is the best approach with a comprehensive analysis as to why that position is correct. 

     C.S.Lewis wrote on what we all have in common, and it should have been followed up with what separates people into divisions. I don't know why this hasn't been don. After all, united we stand and divided we fall. God is not the author of confusion.

     Nothing can be done with sound bites or piffy responses. It is upon EVERY person involved in this movement to be as thoroughly informed as can be.

     Ignorance and stupidity are conscience decisions and to be in subjegation to intellectual idiots is what the founders rebelled against.

     This is attainable, this can be done, and it is overwhelmingly necessary.

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