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A man doesn’t steal another man’s wife; he makes other people better with instruction on how to cooperate.


          Jesus and the Holy Spirit are subservient to the Father but are equal in quality. Equal in quality and substance makes them God and part of the Godhead. When Jesus said, ` All authority on earth and heaven has been given to me, ` it recognizes that the Father is in control even though Jesus implements authority. If you act in a position of authority by someone else’s permission, the act of giving permission is supreme authority.


          Principals are ideals implemented.


          Being right doesn’t make you God, because becoming right can only be done with his help. Being right is supreme, it enables you to be one of God’s instruments and it is the only way you can be of use to him. You cannot set things right until you are right to begin with yourself. Being wrong is being under satanic influence. Being wrong is misleading, misleading is being deceptive and deceptive is satanic. So any time or thought that is in error is being under satanic influence. Being right defines accuracy of scripture and accuracy of philosophy. It’s defining characteristics makes it supreme. On Judgment Day you are accountable for the wrong things you say. The responsibility that this poses is enormous. Fame can be attained by appealing to the crowd but Jesus warned of causing his children to stumble or fall.


          Why does God give some people who won’t acknowledge Him so much intelligence? It is to give them a glimpse of himself so that they will be without excuse or to someday come to the realization that he exists. Resistance is futile.


          Under established International law unlawful combatants have no rights. Abortionists and their supporters are unlawful combatants.


          Love has no victims. Ruling from love would leave no victims.


          If you don’t care about everything, you really don’t care about anything.


          With an ounce of authority comes a ton of responsibility.


          When Jonah was told to go to Nineveh he immediately refused. Why then did he comply with God’s directives? It was not because he was put in a whale; rather it was because he had no other choice. Coming out of the whale he could have just sat down and without water for a couple of days would have died shortly, but then what would have happened? He would have been called up to judgment and having not complied with his creator’s orders would have been sent to hell, so it is possible to go to hell for inaction. This is paramount to acknowledge. An instrument of God is a proactive position. If you refuse to assist in Armageddon then God has no use for you in heaven and no one will have any requirement to help you from the day after Armageddon until the day you die. There is no value in helping the damned. Your conscience decision will dictate your future.


          If you refuse to enable yourself to employ a practical solution to moral decay, you are allowing yourself to be satanically influenced.


          When good isn’t good enough what is required is excellence.


          When it says in the Bible that no one is to add or subtract from these things, this is the last, it means this is the last book that is classified as scripture, it doesn’t mean interpretive documents such as apologies or helpful hints cannot be written, it means these things cannot be classified as inspired text. They may have flaws in them and are therefore subject to scrutiny. This sentence and paragraph should be evaluated and weighted according to clearly defined scripture, tested and found if true.


          The reason the pharoses hated Jesus was he was going around as a walking temple, that is he forgave sins and healed, which was their sole duty, acting as God. He called himself the Way, the Truth, and the Life. These are the three steps into the Holy of Holies, making him the complete way to God. If Jesus wasn’t tried and convicted quickly his supporters from the north, his ministry base, would have come to his aid.


          People who believe in the rapture are in for a big surprise. This is escapist philosophy. Even if you believed in it how responsible do you think it is to leave the earth when decent people are needed desperately. If all the good people would vanish Antichrist would say, ` See, I told you those people weren’t any good. ` And to think that you’re going to be taught by God and come back as preachers for the end times is the height of arrogance. With the amount of published research available now just about everything that could be taught about history is available. It’s a selfish concept.


          If you are having extreme trouble with your female then do as the Bible says to do, shave the hair off her head. It may sound extreme but if you have no legitimate alternative then try that. If you shave her head, before she can get vain again she will develop her inner being to carry more quality. If you shave the hair off a female she will never do drugs or prostitution again.


          I honestly don’t know what traditions we should be adhering to and proper way to go about a worship service. Christianity grew out of Judaism and the styles of Protestant and Catholic and Orthodox are all different. Some preachers constantly chastise their congregations and this seems to stifle them in their worldly pursuits. Some go through procedures and this seems to be so much repetition no one comes to the end of the service, receive mass and then go home. Some try to give advise and just teach but they don’t use much scripture in their sermons. Some make it more of a theatrical experience and bring shame onto themselves. There are some Feasts and Festivals that Jews have but are they supposed to be part of Christianity as Gentiles are to be grafted in. In the end you would travel to the other side of the world to learn under someone worthwhile so the most important thing is the content and putting it in proper context. Some teach chapter by chapter, and verse by verse and this is good but some times people think of things more in terms of topics and you need to find scriptural references that apply to that subject material. If there are some qualified people that could access these and other topics that should definitely be explored. Then they should come together and throw all the necessary concepts on the table and what is right should come to the surface. When the first church leaders met at Nicea all agreed on most items and only a few dissented on some. And we should be able to do better than people who didn’t even have running water.


          There are 4 levels of commitment to God.


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    A Catholic exorcism is fatally incomplete. Even witches are terrified of loose evil spirits. They lock them in rooms or coral them into buildings and lock them. One must find a way when delivering evil spirits to be locked into a box and buried deep into the ground so erosion or shifts due to nature cannot loose them or if it is possible or known how to go about it lock them into hell for eternity.


    Don’t be afraid of the FEMA camps. They remind me of the tower and hangman’s noose built for Mordecai.


              The dollar bill is no longer backed by gold and is a fiat currency. When gold went from $300 to $1500 per ounce that means your dollar buys less on the international market, not that gold went up in value but the dollar has shrunk in value.  Ref:  `The end of the road, how money became worthless` on PIVOT TV


              We need to go to West Point and recruit. These people have classes on moral objectives and discuss the morality of different objectives in a round table discussions. They propose and work through the ethics of different scenarios. This should be done in every Civics and History class. I’m sure there are other good places to recruit. If it is known that we are looking for the best then they will step up.


              Look for proverbs in Proverbs.


              If your child has been diagnosed with ADD 1st give them plenty of physical activities and sports to do. Drugs will stifle their creativity and ingenuity and turn them into drones that will eventually walk in lock step over a cliff. Make sure they have plenty of recess time. Their wild horses, just herd them and give them direction and purpose.


              The best way to run for public office, say President or Governor, is to say who your running mate is, who your cabinet is, who’s on your staff, what you are going to do and when. Show you are delivering a turnkey operation that doesn’t depend on success of only one individual but an organized team effort. Start implementing the changes you can even before you get into office. Demonstration will show success more than fancy spin or clever commercials. President and Governor are administrative jobs and boring. The running mate must be the most objective one and have the ability to step back once in a while and never lose sight of the big picture and have the ability to cut through the clutter and understand integration, the one that has to be the most well rounded.



There are 4 levels of commitment to God.


1. 1st level of commitment depends on blessings. People will follow God's directives as long as things go good in thier lives and expect rewards for such behavior. This is degrading themselves into animals doing tricks for treats and really isn't much of a commitment.


2. 2nd level is people will do the best they can in life and do it to recieve eternal salvation. That is they don't ask for anything in thier lifetime to save up for eternal salvation. They won't ask God to intervene in thier lives but occasionally ask him to help others in need. Thier main concern is for eternal salvation.


3. 3rd level is if on judgement day if they see someone else being sent to hell they may step up and say, " But maybe I influenced this person so that they acted and spoke in mannerisms that influenced them to recieve this sentence," and offer to take thier place in hell. This is taking Christ's advice on giving up your life for your friends to tis most extreme possibility.


4. 4th and final level is even if you know you are sentanced to hell forever while you walk this earth you stay steadfastly commited to God and accept his judgement. This level is full of contradictions on how to maintain this ammount of commitment. Some say that God loves us unconditionally and when asked why then there is a hell they say He loves you so much that He doesn't allow you to harm others. This level of commitment is unconditional love returned. It is of course fully commited. All other levels fall short of this level. While it could be argued why keep this level of commitment the real question is why not. What are your real alternatives. If you don't have this level of commitment you will go to hell if you don't stay steadfast so there is no reason not to realize this commitment.

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