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                Thomas: Saying 59   Look to the living one as long as you live, for you might die, and then try to see the living one and you will be unable to see.


            Hold Jesus and his works in high regard and don't misuse his death on the cross to sin flagrantly or you will burn in hell and never recapture redemption and it is important to do this forever, there isn't a way to dom a lot of good and slip into depravity before you die and have the good outwiegh the bad, you are expected to be good all life long, never give up, Christ didn't give up on you! He did as his father expected, he went with the soldiers to his beating, cross, and death.


            Thomas: Saying 70   If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.


            What is within you is God himself, it requires the development of insight to fully utilize this quality, and your conscience working in your daily life and he will save you from damnation. If you don't access God which is surely dwelling within you, God will cast you into the Lake of Fire, eternal damnation.


            Q.   Any man that marries a divorced woman commits audultry.


            The only exeption is if she is divorced from a male that commited audultry and this is the cause of the separation, for then he is dead in the eyes of God, but if the man married her to marry a divorced woman, that is if his intent is to do wrong, then even if she is virtuous, he will burn in hell forever.


            What is the difference between a wife and a concubine?


            A wife doesn't ask what to do, she knows and does it before it is asked of her. Her main concern is being a partner with her husband all day long and supervising the raising of thier children. Not for a moment does she not know where her husband is and makes sure his welfare is maintained. No pre-existing arangements are allowed, it is a total and complete commitment. A concubine is only loyal, she can work or have other endeavors and pursue them freely- this is not allowed for a wife. The difference can be summed up in if you want more you have to give more. A wife checks herself, that is, before she complains to her husband about something she asks herself is there anything she can do to rectify the situation and if she can does so while a concubine is more likely to develop an attitude and blame and expect more from others. In the end it is up to the female which role she wants to be.


            Although the Bible doesn't specifically speak about courtship behavior, what is acceptable and what isn't is a question best answered by another question. How would you treat her if she already was your wife? This question begins to put things into a much clearer perspective. The intimacy issues between talking , hand holding, kissing, hugging, through and up to intercource are easier to assess if your intensions are to play around or have a lifetime commitment. If you are not interested in a lifetime commitment then everything is forbidden because you are just manipulating someone elses feelings even if they say that is alright with them. No matter how much they try to brush off feelings and concearns it cannot be done so any thing is wrong. If you are going to have a life time commitment then you are to be a protector of her virtue, not someone guilty of taking it away. One should never go so far that if a change of heart takes place that self respect cannot be maintained by both. All of this is the males responcibility. Just as the fathers and brothers of the females who have had abortions will be held accountable for not properly supervising thier females so you are accountable for your behavior during courtship.


            Nonconformaty is acceptable behavior as it can give rise to creativity but rebellion isn't.


            If all our physical laws are constant why is it so hard to grasp that are moral laws are. Our present day leaders are in conscious rebellion. They are guilty of deriliction of duty. It isn't that they are incompetant, it is that they are willfully negligent and will surely burn in hell for thier desision to consort with the enemy.

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