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26. Lessons on why to apologize: own soul, never be free


                As Paul has written God has made himself clear to everyone. The need to come into repentance is


the same reason why you apologize to someone else when you have done them wrong. If you have done


something wrong to someone else and you haven't apologized for it to them they are on a higher moral


ground than you are standing on. This is because when you did something wrong you sank in rating, not


that they have become exalted. The only way to attain equal footing and regain common ground is to


express sorrow for wrong doing and make corrective measures. If you don't come into repentance you are


bound into this lower level. The only way to be set free is to attain rightousness. This is the type of


freedom God wants us to have.


                27. God's ways are clear and things are allowed for a reason. We celebrate Christ's birthday on


Dec 25th and from reading the text the day in which Mary delivered Jesus was in the latter part of


September, but December 25th is much closer to Christ's true birthday, the day he was concieved. Peoples


birthday had always been considered the day they were concieved, that is why they didn't say Christ was


born but was delivered because it was considered he had already been born.


                28. Reasons Christ came to earth.


1. To preach God's word and clarify.


2. To show us we can lead sinless lives or at least come close like Job.


3. To die for our sins.


4. To decend into hell and take satan, bind him, and deliver him into bondage behind God's throne.


                29. Repentance in Mercers in line: If a man said, " I will sin and repent, and sin again and


repent,"  he will be given no chance to repent  [ On Judgement Day ] .  His hidden heart is not truly


repentant.     Hebrews 6:4-6 denies the right of a second repentance after becoming a believer and denying


the faith.


                30. Why does God's law require flogging?


Because the flesh is weak and satan is a coward. Satan cannot stand physical pain endured by flogging so


he leaves the satanically possesed person who is being flogged. It litterally beating the hell out of them.


This instincual responce by some is rightous indignation of evil. One must not become overwhelmed by


this pursuit but follow God's law to the letter and use the prociedural requirements.While it can be abused,


flogging is a conscience building tool when used in accordance with God's word. Turning the other cheek,


walking with someone else twice as far as they demand, giving someone the benifit of the dought, giving


not only your coat but shirt also when they demand, these are all conscience building tools. These should


always be your first line of defence, no rush to judgement. Most of these people who do these things have


always been recieved with instantanious rejection and physical abuse and they see this as recieving evil for


evil and they think this is how the world works. Repaying good for evil stops this because they don't know


how to respond. This has never happened to them before. But this is only an option if they haven't


committed crimes that don't deserve other punishments. Flogging is not repaying evil with evil. The


person being rebuked or flogged has two choises, either thinking they are being unjustly punished or


brought into correction. Only they can decide this. You can encourage them to not do things wrong


anymore but thier responce is soley up to them. Christ has said that if they don't follow his word it would


have been better for them to have been in Sodomn and Gammorah than to have not listened to him. 


Mathew 10:14,15    People who have committed hanous crimes deserving death, these are the ones God


instructs us to put under our feet but others we are to rebuke or punish in his manner so as to bring them


up to the same level of moral standing as everyone else in the community.       Galations 15:22,23            


Philipians 4:9    1 Timothy 1:8    2 Timothy 3:16    Hebrews 12:10,11   


                31. How can I obey the commandment honor  my father and mother when they openly disobey


God's laws by committing audultry and promoting abortion.


                One must be clear if they are still your parents. If they have committed a crime that deserves


death then they are spiritually dead in God's eyes. If God won't have them in his kingdom then you are not


honor bound to them. They have ceased to be your guardians and you are not accountable to them in any


way, shape, or form. This is not an excuse for rebellion but seek life elsewhere. Don't be misled into the


trap that many have followed by committing indecent acts and justifying them by saying your doing it too.


If your parents have committed hanous acts then youn fall into God's hands. Do what is right because God


wants you to, not to please anyone else. In the end it is him alone you are answerable to. It has happened


many times before that people think that now they are grown up this entitles them to special privilages.


There is no way you can earn the right to do something wrong. Being grown up doesn't come from age but


by self disipline.


                32. How can I obey the command of not being yoked with unbelievers.   2 Corinthians 6:14    


      Ephesions 5:7    2 Timothy 3:5


Unfortunatly you cannot and this is exactly why this endeavor must be realized. Christ said that at the end


time it would be brother against brother and this is the level of intertwining that we live in.    Mathew


10:34-36     It is a reality of today that we don't know the moral character of the people we buy supplies


from or do other business with. Reputations can always be a front disguising hidden moral depravity. One


thing that we have going for us is that most have come out of the closet. It used to be that they hid thier


disgusting thoughts and perspectives but now they try to enhance thier adgendas. This will help us


determine who is and who is not qualified to do business with. Most people work for companies or


employers and businesses are also financed by banks or are traded in the public as stock. If these places


have donated funds for the so called charities promoting global population control, your company is


supporting infanticide and every bit of money you help them profit is putting wind in the sails of evil.


There is nothing wrong withgoing to work and helping the company you work for make a profit, if they


didn't you wouldn't have a job. But working hard and giving them a good return so they can contribute to


infantacide is wrong. You wouldn't work for people who sexually harassed you but you may be working


for people who do far worce. Use your marketable skills else where. Does your company have a 401Kplan? 


This is investing in stocks. The people who determine whose stocks to buy and sell use only mathmatical


equations determining debt load and return on investment and capital gains. Companies selling drugs that


induce abortions and all the supplies that are nessasary to commit infantacide and companies and


companies that do the infanticide sell thier companies stock in the public market. They use clever names


for thier companies to dismiss thier hanous adgenda but they are what they are. This means that you most


likely now own some percentage of stock in an abortion clinic. It is almost a mathmatical certainty. These


clinics have a very high rate of return and the people who take care of your 401Kplan don't have time to


look into every stock to find out what exactly the company does. They use cleaver incinuations to disguise


thier true product, death. Not doctors staffed in clinics but torture and murder dungeons. The insurance


you have is brought about by spending money to an insurance company who then buys public stock in


companies, companies that kill children, You contribute to your local,state, and countries well being and


enhancement by giving portions of your gain in the form of various taxes. This isn't a bad thing. What is,


is that they not only have legalized most depraved activities but also spend your tax money toward that


end. You paying taxes as a good citezen has made you a contributer to murder wheather you like it or not.


Planned Parenthood is located in the public courthouse. Your job might involve training replacement


workers. If these replacement workers are depraved fanatics supporting abortions you are putting wind in


the sails of evil. If your fellow employee is an audulterer and the company keeps him on your contributing


to a morally corrupt company. Company sponcered drug treatment indirectly takes money out of your


pocket. These peoples irresponcible behavior is not your problem. Your employer is in the business to


build and market products, not babysit stupid people. Alot of mortgage holders are also investers in public


stock. Thier profits from drug sales, abortion clinics, and the like are why they have the ability to hold


your mortgage. I've had coworkers that have gone into hospitals after being injured on the job and


recieved disasterous care. Injuries aren't always preventable. One, a steel band snapped during a routine


unbanding and cut his eye. He went and the nurse told him to come back in a week. In a week when a


doctor looked at it it had healed wrongly because it wasn't taken care of promptly when he was 1st in the


clinic. Now he has preventable permanent damage.  Another was taken after a fall 16 feet onto a solid


cement floor. I called down to see how his X-rays had come out and they couldn't understand why he was


in so much pain. I went to see him and they handed him charts and papers to sign and later they found out


both his wrists were broken and pelvis cracked. These are people with full union benifits. Why are these


hospitals so indifferent to human life? You expect them to take care of your problems by aborting your


children and then medicate you when you are sick! No mystery, no illusion. You cannot have it both ways.


In our every day to day livesit is inescapable of this entanglement. The policemen that are to provide


public protection physically provide access to abortion clinics and hide behind doing thier job or as an


appointed officer of the law. No one would consciencely support the concentration camps or the Indian


wars but they promote that which is much worse, the present day infanticide. 60% of the population of


Maine consciencely went out and voted to keep partial birth abortion legal. This was not a poll but was


voted upon as law. Every person who voted for this is guilty of conspiracy to commit murder and is going


to burn in hell. Separation or isolation will not work. Our satanically possesed enemies must be


conquered. Anyone who is voted in as a govenour or as a president has the ability to call out the national


guard because they are the commander in chief of the governments law enforcement. For them to say they


are against abortion but cannot do anything about it is simply lip service. To allow someone to govern


over you who is guilty of a capital crime is a sure measure of insanity.


                33. What did Christ mean when he said Satan was a murderer from the begining when he hasn't


killed anyone.    John 8:44


                Satan corrupted other angels to his perverce adgendas and this is murder. It is written that God


did not spare the angels, when they sinned, but sent them to hell, putting them in gloomy dungeons to be


held for judgement.    2 Peter 2:4    To seduce someone to a life of depravity so said person loses thier soul


to eternal damnation is allowing satan to work through you. To do this is to murder them. It is done


without any physical involvement, but only using suggestive phrases. The command , Thou shalt not


murder not only covers the unjustifiable taking of human life but also the taking of eternal life.


                34.        1. Thou shalt have no other gods.


                             2. Thou shalt make no graven images.


                             3. Thou shalt not take the Lord's name in vain.


                             4. Remember the Saboth Day to keep it holy.


                             5. Honor thy father and mother.


                             6. Thou shalt not murder.


                             7. Thou shalt not commit audultry.


                             8. Thou shalt not steal.


                             9. Thou shalt not bear false witness.


                           10. Thou shalt not covet.


                Many people say thier god is only a positive god and we shouldn't be negative about anything.


Eight of the ten commandments have no or not, a negative term, in them. While thou shalt enjoy life is


not a command, God does find it quite acceptable when self disipline is incorporated.


                35. The conscience is what always trips a criminal up. It causes him pain in the brain and he


cannot think clear so he keeps repeating his mistakes and this pattern is what criminalogists follow upon


to catch criminals. God put a conscience in every person to allow them to self correct themselves or be


caught by others and tripped up by thier lies.


                36. Why don't we need to make sacrafices any more?   


Mathew 20:28    Hebrews 7:27   Unlike the other high priests, he does not need to offer sacrafices day


after day, first for his own sins, and then for the sins of the people. He sacraficed for thier sins once for all


when he offered himself.    Hebrews 10:1-18


                37. One must be wary of those who say you should take pride in things such as your work. This is


a lie. You do your job to provide a quality finished product so as to incorporate dignity, integrity, and


virtue into your being. Read, learn, and inwardly digest. Most things of self are selfish. To act for self gain


is wrong. Pride is merely painted over rust. Dignity, integrity, virtue, quality go to the heart of the matter


and are examples of God working through your self to provide a better society. After all, Satan fell


through pride.


                38. One must be cognesent of the fact that if one approves of someone elses immoral conduct it is


the same thing as interpretting that they are willing to physically engage in said lifestyle. You cannot


approve of a gay lifestyle without first mentally comprehending its aspects, therefore if you aprove you are


willing to participate.


                39. It will be said that we are radical extremists and zealots and that is true. True rightousness is


an extreme position but should be the norm. I have often thought that past leaders have shown absolute


stupidity by being passive when they needed to jump in and go but we haven't jumped ahead as a united


front to stop the abortion holocaust. We can either debate why we haven't done this yet or finally do what


is right and use positive physical aggression to retake the ground we have lost from being kind and


understanding and passive. Passive stupidity has resulted in ignorance in motion.


                40. This will unfortunatly adversely affect innocent people, probobly stiffel creativity, supress


freedom and restrict movement. This is truly unfortunate but our brothers and sisters in Christ are being


butchered needlessly and any person of integrity will gladly realize that our primary concerns must be


equal treatment for all citezens. Any griping is exposing true selfishness at heart and indirectly showing


disregard for others.


                41. The problems of society can be summed up coming from one thing, abortion. This selfish


indifferance tom human life is the sole reason for school shootings. Any comprehensive thought comes to


this conclusion. You cannot tell children because you are older that you have the ability to decide whether


or not to have a child come to term in your womb. Even a child knows there is something wrong with that


analasis. The people doing the shooting are only half the people to blame. They see you having a callus


disregard form innocent humans and they see themselves being victimized by uncaring, unreasonable,


unconcerned, spiteful people. Not condoning what they have done, but it is less of a crime than butchering


innocents. Proportionality must be realized. The true point of origin is from the people who look in the


mirror and won't change societies rules. No matter how much drug influence or promiscuity you may


think is to blame, your wrong. If people don't care about thier own offspring, why should anyone be


concerned about thier older children. There is no contradiction. If you are afraid for your own childrens


lives in school then end abortions now. You can't have it both ways. Everyone thinks it would have been


great to have been one of King David's sons. For committing audultry and his other sins David lost 3 of


his sons. Eli lost 2 sons for his disobediance and disreguard. These are public insults God's judgement


brought about because of sin. It was a fate worse than death. To have your remnant cut off like that leaves


no one remaining to carry on your family name. It isn't just taking your life but all your would be


offspring. People have become so callused that things like this doesn't even concern them today. This is




                42. Sometimes it is better ti stay in an organization that is being corrupted and fight to remove


corruption than resign in protest and try to bring attention to the wrongful influences. If you leave in


protest, that leaves less good people to try to rectify the situation and increase thier burden. If the


organization is one that will be around for a long duration of time then it would be selfish to leave because


of the burden to others. It also leaves you with no further avenue of progress to rectify the situation. This


is true unless you can become part of an organization that will last till the end of time. Not that one should


blow with the wind but become an integral part of a superior structure. Tradgedies have been made in the


past. Christ said that the most honorable thing a person can do is lay down your life for your friends.


People who become soldiers can decide one of two determinations to make. One is to train to kill people


legally, this is a truly unfortunate batch. Others can do it for the ability to contribute to a truly rightous


cause. One deranged individual who used his war record in Vietnam as propaganda to win a governership


in his innagral speech said he wouldn't allow legislation to overturn abortion practices during his term.


Quote was, " Not on my watch. "  He clearly came away with the position wars allowed him to slaughter


innocent women and children and that is what he plans on continuing to do this. This person fits the first


catagory. I have learned much from listening to the second batch. Staring death in the face many times


you can hear the truly rightous thoughts these men aspound. The trouble with the Vietnam wars was its


inability to see the big picture. The main reason people were against Communism was its atheistic view


point. They knew no wisdom could come from a godless society and that depravity would run amuck


because of lack of moral guidence. If you look at an overview of the Vietman scenario the only conclusion


you can make was that the people running the show were completely stupid. The Vietnam leadership was


corrupt and you cannot win a war with self interestes people as its leaders. You cannot train people your


language and mechanical skills to repair equipment in a short period of time. This takes decades to bring


about this progress. You don't teach people to fight thier neighbors without clear moral objectives being


the pursuit. Teaching morality has a life time effect. You could lose the entire military campaign but if


you taught moral decency, that would have lastedthe duration of time until your oppressers seen the light


of thier past dishonor. US instructors would take maps and a compass and teach the Vietnamize how to


use them. The Vietnamize didn't believe the world was round. They thought that if it was round everyone


on the bottom would fall off. This should have been the overwhelming sign of impending failure. These


people don't need to be taught how to war against thier own countrymen, they need science 101. If the


United States would have pushed well rounded education during thier occupancy it would have lasted well


beyond any military endeavor. You could have lost all the battles and won the war. If you take an honest


look at reality today you can conclude one thing, the young and the unborn are the only causes worth


fighting for. People who vote 60% to keep partial birth abortion legal aren't worth fighting for. While this


causes much dismay, working to remedy this is our objective. People rush to be of assistance during a


tradgedy but don't lift a finger to stop the slaughter of innocent victims. People focus on the firemen as the


heroes of the day but the men who install the sprinkler systems are the truely rightous. The people who


have enhanced city and state codes have done more than anyone. Its time to put moral codes into place.


                43. Withdrawn for now.


                44. A lot of bumper stickers read, " What would Jesus do? "                                                                        


Lets examine that. If Christ came back would he have any use for any present government officials .


Rest has been withdrawn for now.


















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