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15. Myth: You can only commit the unpardonable sin in the last days of earths existance.


Fact: The unpardonable sin is to blaspheme against the Holy Spirit. Every person at sometime in thier


lives are given the opportunity to come into God's grace by allowing themselves to be influenced by the


Holy Spirit. There are two sides of confrontation at an abortion clinic demonstration. The people who


stand in support of the right of abortion are commiting the unpardonable sin. The people who go in


arecommiting the unpardonable sin, because they were given the opportunity to hear the truth of God and


refused and kill completely innocent human beings made in the image of God. The man being strapped


into the chair or having the rope put around his neck and still refuses to acknowledge God is commiting


the unpardonable sin, because he is not recognizing that the punishment for his crimes is being handed


down from the true authority, the God that gives life, and by not recognizing this, his soul is lost to eternal


hell fire. To blaspheme against the Holy Spirit can be done by just internal thought and doesn't nessasarily


mean to verbally refuse his existance or to live by his requirements.     Hebrews 6:4-6   It is impossible for


those who have once been enlightened, who have tasted the heavenly gift, who have shared in the Holy


Spirit, who have tasted the goodness of the Word of God and the powers of the coming age, if they fall


away, to be brought back into repentance, because to thier loss, they are crucifying the Son of God all over


again and subjecting him to public disgrace.     Mr. Blackman, leader of the Roe vs. Wade decision,died a


natural death. Never have been brought to justice for his demonic acts his fate is sealed in eternal hell fire


which reveals God's true justice. For a reason known to God, he uses people like Mr. Blackman to test


your faith, but you don't have to listen to them. Job asked God why God didn't improve the conditions of


the world. God said, " I sent you, "   Do you have what it takes to be an instrument of God's will? The


abhorance of evil is rightous indignation. Don't be confused with the spins satan's people elect to criticize


your feelings with.    Blackman, no mystery, no illusion...


                16. Myth: Intellectual knowledge and technology can solve anything.


Fact: When a man dies he comes before the throne of God.  God opens the Book of Life and says to him,


your name is not written in here. The man says, " But I discovered and developed many scientific and


technological advances. "  God says to him,  " I showed you pieces of me in manners clearly


understandable to you but you still would not acknowledge me or walk in my ways. "       Ecclesiasties


12:12-14    Of the making of many books there is no end, and much study wearies the body. Now all has


been heard; hear is the conclusion of the matter: Fear God and keep his comandments, for this is the


whole duty of a man. For God will bring every deed into judgement, including every hidden thing,


whether it is good or evil.    Proverbs 1:2-7   For attaining wisdom and disipline; for understanding words


of insight; for aquireing a disciplined and prudent life, doing what is right and just and fair; for giving


prudence to the simple, knowledge and discretion to the young-let the wise listen and add to thier


learning, and let the discerning get guidence-for understanding proverbs and parables, the sayings and


riddles of the wise. The fear of the Lord is the begining of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and


discipline.    Hebrews 1:10   In the begining O Lord, you laid the foundations of the earth, and the heavens


are the works of your hand.    Wisdom 1st, Intellect 2nd


                17. Myth: People are racists


Fact: People judge each other based on thier actions. If you hear them say something derogatory about


another race they always elaborate by explaining the actions they find detestable. So it is never the color of


the skin or the country of origin; these are the examples of the simple minded; it is always the specific


actions and mannerisms that are found out to be detestable and intolerable. If people were racists, they


would have never went exploring other nations. While it could be concluded that African-Americans have


forever lost all thier credibility because they did not stand outside the White House and United Nations


buildings, while the butchery was going on in Rwanda, and scream about the clear racism that was going


on, with one third being self enslaved by inprisonment, paroled, on probation or house arrest, you can't


kick them down any farther than they take themselves.


                18. Examples of folly of present day evangelists


Claims of raising a standard and educating lawyers but being impotent. In the school that educates


lawyers the educaters sue for not having the same rates of pay and same acceleration of rank. Folly exists


because if they were truly educators of God they would be making the standards and leading the way


making the straight and narrow path clear to those who can see the truth. Any standards or designs of


other schools would be insignificant. Educating people to be lawyers is folly. If you have encountered the


modern judical system you should have taken note, how the judges come to be is they are lawyers who


could not make it in private practice so for a secure paycheck they became judges. For most higher payed


lawyers it is too much of a pay cut. Most trial outcomes are prearanged by hidden agreements before the


trial takes place. The lawyers during motion stages, quote legal presedences. They take great stock in this.


The people sitting in the judges chair are to stupid to realize they are being treated like incompetants that


needed to be taught the law. If they are so stupid they don't know the law they shouldn't be in the judges


chair. You don't act as a lawyer to teach a judge what to decide, if the judge doesn't know how to dispence


justice, remove them by whatever means nessasary. Esspecially if you are a Christian you cannot get


justice from an atheistic government. It just isn't going to happen. It has been long understood that you


don't teach people how to rule over you, you replace incompetance. Teaching people to become lawyers


and not representing the people who kill the murdering abortionists but say we need to shoot down enemy


planes and invade other countries because of trivial political objectives demonstrates clear loss of


objectivity of porportionality. You don't fight evil, you conquer and destroy it. Instruments of justice they


will never become.  Another must think he is God on earth that he claims he can forgive sins. After a


snake comes out and admits his depravity of audultry and child molesting He went on a popular morning


talk show repeating,  " I forgive Billy  "  acting like a pope or someone who can magically forgive sins. 


Others teach of magical prosperity that comes from God. God doesn't till the soil, fertilize the ground,


plant hybrid seed, place herbicides, cultivate, irrigate, harvest, store, build equipment nessasary to do all


this, mine ore out of the ground, proccess and refine, manufacture, design products, sell or market, build


houses and places of business, or advertise products. While believing in God will enhance your abilities in


these areas, God helps those who help themselves.   Another magical fantasy is we are somehow going to


get magical spiritual bodies. Folly is in if we were in some spiritual bodies we wouldn't no longer be


needed to be surrounded by physical objects and consequences therof and be held by gravity or need


physical substinance. If God were going to provide this much of a transformation he would just come


down and judge us once and for all and get it done with. Truth is that people will teach there spirits to


drown out the whims of thier flesh by incorporating the quality attributes of virtue, selfdisipline and


control, Integrity, abhorance of evil, and a little honor and decency once in a while also.   One sick and


twisted preacher claims he can cure homosexuality. This clearly deranged person has also influenced


others to help in his ungodly pursuit. This comes from an attempt to regain his popularity and pursue his


own sick and twisted adgenda. One can only conclude that for some reason he has developed a deep


seeded extreme hatred against all females. This is the only explanation one can come up with to subtly


suggest that females should lie with perverts. To haphazardly expose a female to the possibility of the


spectrum of possible physical diseases and mental experiance of being with a male that used to lie with


other males defies logical comprehension. To ignore God's clear laws to pursue this unholy degrading of


women because of his sick twisted hatred of females should result in leaving this physical realm


immediatly.   Another gloted and boasted about organizing and praying for the demonic spirits to leave


his Pasedena area. With witchcraft and Satan worship going on in his community they prayed for them to


leave, so the spirits went else where, anywhere else they chose to go, as long as they weren't around them.


This is the same thing as wishing evil onto someone else. There is no difference. People who have no


objectivity and fail to see the big picture are detestable. They are no better than the spirits they drove


away. Don't let these peoples limmitations become your own.


                19.Myth: We have acceptable leaders around the world.


Fact: Nothing could be further from the truth.  The rest of this has been withdrawn for now.


                20. Myth: Having sex with a prostitute isn't audultry or a crime or a sin.


Fact: This deranged philosophy has come about partly because of the propaganda of females being equal


to males. This delusional idea can be easily dispelled. The distinction is made in determining exactly


when and how this is accomplished. How can a man have more than one wife and or concubines and not


commit audultry? The matter is of a loyalty issue and the recognizing of another mans rights. If a female


is alone or has lost her husband and has children and has no direct means of support for supplies to


sustain her and her childrens lives, and she is without any recognizable means to equip herself to maintain


her family from destruction, she may decide to allow herself to give up her dignity and be sold to males


for thier gratification. Intent is not the crime. A male on the other hand seeks out vonerable females to


corupt into this enviroment and use depraved philosophies to justify thier depraved activity. A female can


make herself available to a male to engage in illicit sex and the crime is still not committed. A male can


even engage in physically performing the act and still the crime is not committed. The crime is not


committed until the male compensates the female for sexual gratification and leaves her does the actual


crime commence. It is only a crime when the male is willing to treat a female as a prostitute does she


become one. This distinction is everything. God established men to rule over women and it demands the


performance of the act. The male had many options besides treating the female abusively. He could have


heard her plight and shown compassion and simply gave her supplies or attempted to give her direction to


some hopefully long term support. He could have had need for a female to fill a needful role in his life,


and treated her as a concubine and supplied her with shelter and sustainment in life. While this may not


be a completely dignified solution it does supply a means to an end. He could have treated her as best he


could with complete dignity and respect and enabled her to become his complete wife and never allowed


her to commit an act of illicit sex. Instead he made the conscience decision to take advantage of her


situation. It does not matter whether or not she was encouraged and willing, sought to fill out fantasies of


her own desires and throw caution to the wind, or was desparate and was taking the only cource she seen


available, none of these ideas or circumstances matter, she is not a prostitute until a male consciencely


desides to treat her like one. When a male treates a female as a prostitute he is defiling her in one of the


most dispicable ways possible. He is in every aspect committing audultry. He is committing a crime


against any future female he may chose to take for a wife and committing a crime against any future


husband she may have. The 1st commandment is Thou shalt have no other gods. Loyalty is an absolute.


Deviating from God or spouce is the same crime. If the male has a present wife and he is caught up in his


lies and found out his excuses are numerous, but all inmaterial lies. God's law is that a man can have


relations with his wife any time exept unless her physical condition doesn't allow it. Therefor he is without


excuse. Two main excuses are he doesn't care about her and that it didn't mean anything. These are


actually half truths. He is exactly right when he said he didn't care about her. His actions of treating her


like a prostitute are the proof. He doesn't care about her life, how his actions advercely affect not only her,


but her entire family by loss of dignity. He doesn't care how this insults his wife by being portrayed as


someone who cannot maintain her husbands happiness. He is capable of doing this because his only 


concerns in life are his own self-gratification. This lack of conscienceness is demonstration os satanic


possesion. Seeing as how the males actions are what determine whether or not a female is a prostitute


clearly places blame squarely on the shoulders of the male. His intent is audultry and that is the crime and


must be met with the same punishment, death. It is even debateable whether or not she has committed a


crime deserving of punishment, but unless every male is put to death for this crime and complete


accountability is attained by cleaning up the males act first, one cannot hold any female accountable. This


is another reason why in days of old the men could take wives of the female captives. Females adopt to


thier enviroment and find right and wrong indistinguishable. But the males are the ones held accountable


by disrespecting and treating them abusively.


                Another piece of propaganda being taught and encouraged by present day evangelists is that the


mans wife has the option of forgiving him and taking back for her husband. This is a complete lie. You


made a commitment with him till death do you part. His actions put a death sentance on him. If he isn't


presently put to death he loses his spiritual life and will be put to death by burning in hell forever. Your


commitment is over. Future contact or forgiveness without repentance makes you an enabler, guilty of his


crime because you condone his activity. If you are a bystander or are aware of the crime while it is in


progress and let someone make a fool of his spouce or enable in another way you become a facilitator in


the crime and are just as guilty as if you committed the crime yourself. It cannot be allowed for decent


upright people to be made fools of or become innocent victims of someone elses depravity. God has stated


that on the day of judgement every action and thought we ever endeavor will be judged. Along withthis is


our conscience decision to not be engaged in upholding laws. You may think that all the members of my


family are upright and just and rightous but Paul says we are not to be unequally yoked with unbelievers.


This is not presently possible. If your son or daughter wants to establish basic interactive job skills in a


convieniance store or department they have to sell condoms to depraved maniacs. This is where the rubber


meets the road. How would you like it if some used car salesmen came in to buy supplies for a party for


thier companies new female secratary and along with he buys a box of condoms. His intentions are clear


even to the most simple minded and your 17 year old daughter has to wait on him. With the spread of


social diseases it is discusting to even touch this persons money. Then there is the people who buy


pornagraphy. It is impossible for a female to have to ring up this sale without feeling completely


humiliated. This man is not thinking about being attracted to a female for a long term wholesome


relationship but for short term sexual gratification. A female makes herself presentable and attractive to


attract a decent mate and nothing is more degrading than to make the implication that she should be used


for short term gratification. Even if they wanted short term supplemental income and decided to work in a


gambling casino to enhance thier interpersonal skills, the people who go to these places are delusional.


The only long term solution is for those depraved people to lose thier rights. They don't deserve the


privilages they now have. These are the type of people who allow natural resources to be squandered,


pollutants to enter our breathable atmosphere, dirty and toxic working enviroments to exist for thier own 


exploytation and self indulgance. Taking away depraved peoples rights and privilages is the only way to


set the stage for the next millenium. It also allows no hindering aspects for future generations. Ussually


what happens with a two class system is that the nobles become arrogant and demean the lower class and


this leads to rebellion. If the requirements for citezenship are simply moral codes of conduct ----later.


Any man that is capable of treating a female as a prostitute is capable of treating all females as


Prostitutes, even his own mother. If money or goods get in short enough supply her would sell her.


Keep this in mind when dealing with them.


                21. Also we mustn't go back to ever having local law enforcement and military representatives


from requesting funding. This is puting them in a place of humiliation. Having to request supplies from


the people they defend and being denied has led to the slaughter of many good men. No person of integrity


would allow himself to suffer this indignity. To be expected to be of a higher caliber but be subject to


people who will not personally engage in community security and enhancement defies logical




                22. Whenever embarking on such an endeavor one always must analyze downside risk. If you are


maintaining yourself on the right side of God there is only the loss of some years spent on this planet at


risk. While physical death could be traumactic for some and or painful our eternal life is more at risk by


allowing the mediacraty promoters to make us second guess our values and allowing the satanically


possesed  to continue to seduce weak willed  into barbaric depravity. We must always remember that our


actions as well as our inactions are answerable on judgement day. 


                                   Why doesn't God simply sweep the satanic beings into hell and come down and


rule earth? Because in the begining it was given to Adam to rule and govern the earth and so this duty


falls to us. God gave us a letter of instructions on how to go about everything and for us to expect him to


come down and rule is to say we cannot teach our children self discipline and self government and to put


God Almighty into a degrading position of glorified babysitter.


                23. Myth: Hell isn't all that bad.


Fact: We live in a four dimension univerce, lenth, width, hieght, time, and are able to live productive lives


experiancing many faucets. Hell will be only two dimensional plane probably the size of a piece of paper.


Looking at it from God's perspective, out of sight is out of mind. With God's realm made up of many


dimensions, hell, although a part never fully forgotten, will be made insignificant in the big picture of


things. With millions of souls crammedm into hell it will be claustraphobia times 1000 and satan will be


made one dimension, just a dot, unmovable, shrunk into insignificance. While rightous attempts are made


to bring to bring people into God's fold before they are put to death, we are not obligated to provide this


service. Offering this service could be counter productive. Saving souls by bringing people into


redemtion could lead to freeing evil spirits to possibly infect unwary, tired and possibly innocent people


and wasting time by delaying satans ultimate demise.


                Love, deep concern for others, trust, compassion, these things are of absolute virtue, but if


something that is of virtue can be used against you as a weakness, it is. Satan uses good things to his


benifit. Trying to save the damned is like bending over to pick up a penny while thousand dollar bills are


falling out of your back pocket. They made thier bed, let them lie in it.


                24. Never in the history of the world has such a rightous endeavor been attainable. With 6 billion


people on our planet and 1.5 billion abortions commited 25% of our planet has been butchered. While all


the people who are responcible must inevitably number over 3 billion forever lost souls by simple


arithmatic, God's plan is always for the good. We have the opportunity to set the stage for the remaining


generations for the last 1000 years. While it is a terrible shame no one has stopped abortions to date, the


babies don't go to hell but heaven, only the people involved in the procedure and the support personell will


burn, If we save the children under 20 years old from this infanticide and they procreate reasonably well


and through advanced measures the possibility of the planets human bearing potential within the


remainder of the time left this should allow for many souls to be made and bring into heaven.Do the math.


                25. People who are willing to be blindly led have no use for us in this venture for it is only the


pursuit of morality that is the quest, not individual objectives. Leadership is not the answer, but the


establishment of moral codes. Blindly following people have been led astray and it is not going to work to


evangalistically encourage people to live moral lives. Morality is something you have to ram down peoples


throats .  These moral codes are established for us already by


the only higher power there is and therefore we do not have to devise or consider these things from our


own perspectives. Someone infinetly wiser than us has already done this. The 1st commandment is Thou


shalt have no other Gods. All the other commandments and laws are interpretations of this


commandment. It is only through proper reverance that one realizes this. When people say that we are


evolved from animals they are exposing thier demonic possesion. Satan 1st revealed himself not as a


human but as a snake and he and his followers now possess human bodies so they have evolved from


animals into humans from thier perspective.
























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