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So you want to be rid of the deep state.

     This is as easy as falling off a log. Gen. Douglas McArthur knew exactly how to do it. After WW2 he set up trade unions in the industries of Japan as a last organizing way for an out of control government to be stopped.

     The deep states power comes from the monopoly of the money supply and the use of government services corporations. When an enemy is working behind the scenes you must get them to expose themselves. Start mining and refining rare earth minerals as thier better than gold and silver to back currencies and sell them to private electronic currency providers to sell special currencies backed by rare earth minerals. The deep state will go nuts and expose themselves by thier words and deeds. Once they've done this, have the teamsters and long shoremen go on strike, effectively blockading Washington D.C., nothing goes into DC, and within 2 weeks the place is vacant. All the power falls back to the states where it belongs.

     Who is the deep state, shadow government and what are they doing? What does the best current documents say?

     There are 2 UNITED STATES corporations.

One is the Territorial corporation comprising 50 states.

The other is the Municipal corporation that has 57 states.

The Territorial corp. is in Chapter 11 bankruptcy and the Municipal corp. is in Chapter 7 liquidation.

Obama once said he was president of 57 states. Could it be that he was only president of the Municipal corporation. There could have been another president of the Territorial corp. and it would be easy for us to know nothing about that.

What true position does Donald Trump hold? He was theoretically put in a position to halt imigration and a judge over ruled him.

One thing that is for absolute certainty is that we know nothing, all we can see is the effects. We're not even stock holders in thier company so we have no right to force them to open thier books. They'd just give us a forgery any way.


     Thier parent company is THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA LIMITED registered in Edinburgh, Scotland, which is owned by the BRITISH CROWN CORPORATION. Edinburgh is the seat of the British Monarchy and through thier corporations operating under color of authority and color of law are claiming ownership of all of U.S. In California, on July 15th, 2011 a lien was filed by the Federal Reserve System against THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA for 14.3 quadrillion dollars and the IRS is claiming title to all real men with hands and legs and all real land in the United States of America. The IRS is owned by the BRITISH CROWN CORPORATION. With the way they have done this, even if you've filled out paperwork declaring yourself a soveriegn, they are still claiming ownership of you.


     They justify this claim by invoking divine right of kings. They think of you as the rebel trash that got shipped off to the Americas and the only reason for your existance is that one of your ancesters claimed her belly.

     The UNITED KINGDOM is a corporation listed on Dunn & Bradstreet operating under color of authority and color of law and is owned by the BRITISH CROWN CORPORATION.

     The Australian government is owned by the BRITISH CROWN CORPORATION. and the list goes on.

     Truthfully, the King sold England and Ireland to the Vatican in the year 1213; so, the owners of the BRITISH CROWN CORPORATION don't even rightfully own the land they're on.

     They use persons of weak mind and no moral character as fronts for thier objectives.

     One of thier weaknesses is that they are petty and small. They will hold a grudge or feel a slight for generations and this exposes them.

     Thier latest fiasco's include the tearing down of monuments in the United States starting with New Orleans. They used the CITY OF NEW ORLEANS corporation, owned by the BRITISH CROWN CORPORATION, to tear down monuments and why? Because Andrew Jackson slaughtered them in the War of 1812 and they couldn't let it go. Why did Trump say, "Where are they going to stop, George Washington?" George Washington lead the revolutionary war and they were taking down civil war statues. It was to tell us who was behind it all. They felt a slight from losing the Battle of New Orleans in the War of 1812,  both wars were against the British.

     They've stirred up the populas in South Africa to kill the Boars whom they fought in 1899-1901. Not being able to let it go after a century, this is how they seek revenge.

     They run the EU and in 1995 they concocted the Barcelonia Declaration, paving the way for NGO's to transport muslin migrants into Europe. So you can say that the rapes by grooming gangs were decided on before these girls were even born.

     Now the most revelant concerning this. They got kicked out of China for drugging the masses with opium and seen a way back in. With modern communications and navigation requiring rare earth metals they regulated US companies out of existance leaving China as the only source. For every one dollars worth of rare earth minerals you produce 100 dollars worth of finished product so China being the only source and needing more high tech work for thier country, stopped selling these metals on the open market just started making finished products. The BRITISH CROWN CORPORATION coordinated all of this to buy thier way back into China at the expence of United States workers.


     Rush Limbaugh said China has whole cities of 500,000 people whose sole purpose is to make Apple Iphones. This begs the question of where are our factories building Iphones. It's not a question of cheap labor, it's material availability. China has started implementing a "Social Credit" system so every time you buy an Iphone you're helping to deny basic human rights to over a billion people. This is what the deep state is good at, turning countries government against its own population.

     The deep state has financed this take over at the expence of the US populas, coming up the resources from multiple departments. One of the expences comes from oportunity cost. The world wide market of finished products from rare earth minerals is $7 trillion dollars in annual sales globally. Now for easy figuring we'll say that before this deep state venture the United States did 5/7ths of anual high tech production. So that's $5 trillion out of the US market this year, last year, the year before that, and so on. This figure in total is well over $20 trillion dollars. How much is $5 trillion out of the economy each year?

     If the US work force is 250 million people, that is $20,000 per worker every year lost out of the economy.

     It gets worse. The deep state doesn't own a key to the patent office, they took over the administration of it. That bought them the time they needed to set up shop in China and now all our intellectual property and licencing for high tech gadgets is being done in China. So now products intellectually developed here but made in China are being administered there. The deep state has complete control over all of this through paper work without a shot being fired. Slight of hand at its finest.

     Now we can all get full of indignation and want to use projectile weapons, but this isn't a wise 1st move. We need to pick up and move on without them.

     It'll take years to redevelop a decent market share of high tech equipment and it starts with available materials. To refine rare earths is to violate UN treaties, but a jurisdiction that isn't bound by the UN has already been set up. As of October 21st, 2017 the original republic that was shelved by the Act of 1871 has been in business. To be part of it you have to set up a jural assembly in your county or parish. The steps to do this are at The only thing I would change about thier advice is to do it boldly. Simply start a FB page or run an add in your area notifying the rest of the public you're interested in assisting putting a jurl assembly together. It is pretty well spelled out how to do it. What isn't spelled out there are the paper work requirements that you personally have to do, but those requirements are obtainable on the web. Do them all. If you don't do them all. the deep state claims jurisdiction over you and it feels free to violate your rights. You can take the personal steps to regain your rights and not be part of a jural assembly, as many have already done, but that can leave you vulnerable as you are without organized assistance. The deep state shoots first and asks questions later. One thing definite you can say about the deep state, thier like herpes, it itches where you can't scratch and someone else gave them to you.

     The old republic reestablished is a government that is at war with no one and has treaties and alliances with no one.

     When the deep state initiated thier take over of our government they left loopholes so that when thier own members got into trouble they could get them back out. These procedures are known and these are the constructs you use to regain your rights. One you've done this they have to break thier own rules to reaquire control over you and as yet they seem not to be willing to break thier own rules. In time that will change, which is why you want to be part of a jural assembly.

     Most people who don't live here don't understand America. America is wild horses. Pull back on the reins and you're going to get bucked off. Smart people learn to run with them, foolish people try to harness them. It's long over due we bucked the deep state off our backs.

     Now the people who've been involved in trying to reestablish our ability to mine and refine rare earth minerals are for the most part scientists. They've met with over 250 congressmen and senators, put on a presentation at the UN and all in vain. They didn't understand the totallity of what they were up against. After all, from thier perspective it isn't reasonable to restrain and bridle progress. Over the years they've been beat down so bad that unless we clear a path for them nothing will get done. Most of these guys are non confrontational, and that has merit. A free flow of ieas and concepts are the norm for them. It provides a work place free from the stifling of egos and puts ingenuity toward forward progress.

     So this is the task before us, to clear a path and begin to strip the power unlawfully wielded over us.

     Most people are aware of the migrant jihad ambitions. They have a well documented plan that's been published to take over America. Well the deep state has already established thier complete dominance and think of us as thier bitch slaves because we've signed papers that unknown to us is considered legally as transfer of ownership. Failure to disclose is fraud and fraud has no statute of limitations so this can all be undone. Exept of cource for the lack of market share lost and that will take 2 decades to recover from, iff ever. Like I said, it is easily over $20 trillion dollars so far and rising.

     There is a simple principle in business - It's never where you're at, it's where you're going.

     Once you've started a jural assembly, the next step is to assemble a common law grand jury. I can't stress enough the requirement that they all have established discernment and moral character that is beyond reproach. Even if you've used all the right colors for your documentation and filed all your forms correctly, if you have an infiltraitor in your midst with ill purposes in mind it will reek havoc on your credibility and even could cause any jury decisions to become undone by way of unlawful use of jurisdiction. Also it must be clearly undertood that if for instance the law clearly calls for a specific punishment and the jury decides to give a different decision, they are not acting according to natural law and can all lose thier citizenship, or at least the hold out in the jury box. Therefore before you have a jury assembled, whoever is making a presentment to the jury must have thier case established.

     An example is if someone is guilty of treason and if the person who established the case is too timid to cause an action resulting in the death penalty, then they need to bring a case that is enough for them to be removed from office and or deported. A jury cannot recieve a case that is obviously treason and reduce its sentence. That is operating outside the boundaries of common law.

     Now with a common law grand jury, any soveriegn in that jurisdiction can make a presentment to the grand jury that there is an Islamic mosque functioning in thier jurisdiction and it is mandatory under common law for that to be closed and shuttered for it violates all forms of natural law. Therefore if someone makes a presentment establishing the presence of a mosque, the grand jury is mandated by law to shutter its doors. The person making the presentment can decide if that is enough, but if they make the presentment correctly, the grand jury can sieze the property, demolish the building and resell the land to the public at auction. If the jury doesn't do this, they are not operating constitutionally and they can lose thier established rights and become once again the deep states bitch slaves. This is a much better way of adressing this than going off half cocked with projectile weapons and burning mosques to the ground. This is using an established lawful construct from time immemorial to achieve an organized resolution.

     There is a reason no lawyer has taken up the Holy Land Foundation trials established findings and pursued action. They work for the Bar Association which is owned by the BRITISH CROWN CORPORATION. This is what I mean when I say the deep state is already established in its objective of control of the country.

     A regular person can't go into a deep state courtroom and achieve what is contrary to its desires.

     You use words that seem common enough for you, but these same words have a different legal definition and this is part of thier slight of hand. An example is if the police beat you with clubs and you make a claim against them and the judge asks you, " Did you suffer with the police?" and you answer in the affirmative, the meaning of suffer in thier definition means you participated of your free will and could have left, but decided to stay. Then your case gets thrown out of thier court. Now you could learn all the tricks they use, but they will simply start using another etymology, changing the rules without telling you. You own the courthouse and the land it is on rightfully. The present ocupyers have no agreement with you for its use. That being sid, all you have to do to assemble a common law grand jury is to go into the courthouse and ask for a room. By law they must oblige. If they don't create obstructions, then I would consider that sufficient. They do have a lawful right to conduct business with persons willing to submit to thier jurisdiction, but they have no established lawful contract to do it in your building and never ever sign a contract that permits them to do so. If they become unruly you can evict them from the property imediatlely in a worse case scenario. If everyone conducts themselves truthfully and with common courtesy it can have advantages to work together and make a slow transition. The legal system has a broader scope of investigation abilities, but I'm not sure if thier investigations can be submitted into a common law proceeding.  Most will want to make huge sweeping change, but the disruption to society will cause chaos and confusion. That and when your on the leading edge of something that hasn't been used since the civil war, you're bound to make some mistakes. Just make sure thier small enough to remedy. While some mistakes can lead to loss of credibility, even if you're perfect the deep states press machine is going to slander you. Toughen up your skin and deal with it as you would with any fault finder, don't have any. If there is no substance of proof in thier slander, thier allegations are unfounded and no merit should be subscribed to them.

    The same rule applies to any of the government services corporations operating on our soil. If they have no lawful contract to do business, all inhabitants can be evicted from the property imediately. Not one, not a single one has a contract that wasn't constructed by a fraudulant foundation and none of them have even applied for a lawful contract with the People. All are operating under color of authority and color of law. All are directly or indiretly owned by the BRITISH CROWN CORPORATION.

     A copy of " Handbook of Common Law Pleadings " written by Joseph H. Keffler and Alison Reppy is free to download on the web. If you want to create a presentment to a common law grand jury and if the need is for an established construct that has specificity, one can be found there.

     As for requirements that I would consider mandatory for grand jury duty would be a basic understanding of 10 dimensional super string and atomic theory. Properly interpreted, the Bible lays out creation and its begining 13.7 billion years ago and the theory of evolution has been discredited beyond repair when properly scrutinized. All of the rest of natural law already exists in your instincts. It can be summarized by the name of " the non-agression principle." If you haven't researched the exacting parameters of this, you're unfit for service. The deep state will label you as insane and discredit for all that you are doing will follow.

     This common law construct was established from the Magna Carta in 1215, so any place that was British Territory since then is automatically grandfathered in. This allows the absolute halt of foriegn migration and the deportation of all who claim to be muslin. That is all it takes in these areas. Claim to be muslin and you're deported. Common law is a land jurisdiction and it has authority over all others. If any legal official interferes in any way with the actions of a common law grand jury, they are committing treason or an unlawful act. They can be prosecuted by making a presentment of evidence to a jury and if the evidence warrants, tried and sentenced is required to commence.

     Common law was brought to England by 2 German princes, so it originated in Germany. That being said there is historical precident for it to be set up and administered there as well.

     Knowing all that we know now about Islam, the question is why did the deep state bring them to America? History with the Indians gives us the answer. At times the natives would raid and kill out lying setttlers and it was responded with by slaughtering them. At 1st people responded by trying to convert them to Christianity but they had thier own spiritual understanding and no lasting peace could be made. Bad things happen when mutual understanding cannot be ackomplished. Everyone regrets what happenned in the past but in that moment no one knew what to do, and not willing to be slaughtered  randomly, we ended up with the history we have. Now the Islamic doctrine is beyond logical comprehension and is many times more insane than anything seen before. The deep states plan was that we would get into an uncontrolable rage and swiftly slaughter them all. Then they would admonish us and say we should have been more able to convert them to civil society, trying to make us feel guilty for thier demise. People who feel guilty are very suseptible to control, and continued control is thier objective. It matters not that they've attempted the slaughter of muslins. Let's keep things in perspective. It's been well documented thier behind the sale of babies for parts. That type of depravity has no limits. It's all part of thier divine right of Kings.

     They consider thier divine right of Kings to be established by carrying the stone Jacob rested his head on when when he dreamt of the vision of angels ascending and descending a ladder to and from heaven. This stone would have to originate from Mt. Horeb, which is right next to Jabel el Laws-Mt. Sinai, exactly 300 miles due south of Jerusalem. Thier claim can easily be discredited by analyzing the rocks. Even if The Stone Of Destiny originated from this locallity, it still doesn't prove claim as God said," Proclaim liberty through out the land." Liberty is as far from Divine Right of Kings as can be. This detail is of no significance to them. That, and if you're claiming to be a descendant of Mohammad, you've pretty well already sunk that claim.

    While writing in stone to establish claim has been since Hammurabi, my ancestors wrote the Kensington Runestone claiming title to the entire Mississippi River Valley and Hebraic writing can be found in the Appalachian Mountains and more Hebraic writing that has been established to date to 800 BC. in the New Mexico & Arizona deserts, the BRITISH CROWN CORPORTION's owners can make no such claim to the United States. All thier claims are without merit.

     Much adu has been made about an original 13th ammendment denying right to public office for anyone holding a foriegn title. On the 9th of September, 1776 James Clinton acting as Head of State for the United States of America ( unincorporated ) , being a soveriegn, extended soveriegnty to all living men in the United States. That established the status of Kings and Queens to all its inhabitants. His direct descendant, James Clinton Belcher, on October 21st, 2017 conveyed out of abeyance the civil government of the United States of America ( Unincorporated ). Now I said before that the deep state uses persons of week intellect to commit treason against thier own countrymen and gives them titles of rank. Going from a rank of King to any lesser title is technically insane, so any ammendment isn't necassary. Foolish persons submit themselves to become lapdogs. The ancient definition of a facist is to sumit to an established hierarchial order. When you submit to an unlawful government that claims hierarchy and domination over you, you're a facist and it doesn't matter your rank in it. As a man thinketh, so shall he be. If you're jostling for rank in a hierarchy, you're still somebodies bitch slave.

     Some examples of thier paper work ensnarement include birth certificates. Signing a birth certificate legally is transferring ownership of your property, your children, over to the deep state and this is why they consider you chattel. The only reason mothers who've found out they've been betrayed by thier government like this and aren't up in arms is that type of defiance only springs from virtue.

     If you consider yourself married because you got a marriage certificate, what you really signed was a corporate merger. You are a legal corporation and your spouce is and you merge to create a product of more corporations. By definition a corporate merger must produce a product and this technicallity is why they don't allow same sex marriages. It has nothing to do with morallity, they just haven't figured out how to get around thier established legal statutes.

     The legal definition of a United States Citizen is a British Territorial Citizen. Since they claim they own you, they can claim any money you have in a bank account. If you think you own a corporation, you don't. They sell the concept of incorporating your business to avoid liability. They are right. Nothing majical happens, you avoid liability because you transfered true ownership to them and they now completely own the company. They claim $14.3 quadrillion of your assets, so thier glad to accept liability. They have established thier own personel to run all of the courts and the rest is immaterial to them. There are layers and layers of claims of ownership over you. This is a simple one to understand. If you're paying property tax on real estate, and the government can come and take it away for failure to pay such tax, you don't own it, you just think you do.

     It is established that Child Protective Services can take your children away from you. Thier track record is that a child is 6 times more likely to die than if they'd stayed with thier parents. You signed tham away by signing the birth certificate. They are the leading trafficers for sex slaves. They are a for profit government services corporation owned by the BRITISH CROWN CORPORATION and have been repeatedly caught fabricating allegations and evidence to obtain children. Taking your child and placing them in any care facility puts $10,000 into thier administration, 5 to take and 5 to place. They tell the parents they have to take specified steps. It is impossible to do these steps in less than 15 months and when done the parents apply to regain custody of thier children they find out that the legal statute written requires them to apply for custody within 12 months. If the parents find the children and take them, when caught are promptly sent to jail for kidnapping thier own children.

     So if you speak out against Islam, Common Core, or reestablishing your rights, by legal statutes established by the deep state, you're considered an unfit parent and are subject to the above.

     The deep state treats us like a one night stand. Use us for thier sick twisted pleasure and considers us discardable refuse.

     Now there are people who for quite some time have lived outside of the legal system and are common law people. At present it is near impossible to grow a business to any scale or to find quality employment and most would consider them foolish to consciously consider such a lifestyle. It has no obvious appeal. Most can't comprehend that to go back to someone who treats you like a one night stand is to prostitute yourself and thier own personal dignity won't allow it. God chastized the Isrealites for what he considered prostituting themselves to other kingdoms and his chastizement was direted at the males for it was not a sexual act He was cross about, but thier subserviant actions.

     Contemplating the deep state's actions I'm reminded of a 60's saying," You can't live your own life, I'll be damned if you'll run mine." Insted of using thier order followers " If you feel so strongly about this war, you go stand on the front line."

     There are foundational things in this world that create wealth. You have to grow something, plants or animals, or you have to mine and produce products. The deep state does niether. They steal other peoples property and they skim off administration fees. This makes them esily replaceable.

     I don't know why no one thinks this through. Before you engage in a combat mission, you need to decide how you're going to live and conduct yourself after you've won. then ask yourself why aren't you doing that now? This oportunity is available right now and all your self justification for not doing it is self imposed restraints.

     It is written that in the end times glorious battles will be fought. Fighting Antifa isn't something to write home about, so you can safely say the deep state will have to summon up something more than thier useful idiots. It's a fact that throughout history laders have doped up thier armies. The deep state has established thier supply in that aspect and as irrational as the enemy is now, add that into the mix and chaous and terrorism is bound to be the result.

     It's almost 2019 and as truly rediculas as it sounds, we have to fight a holy war. When you consider the established facts of science, reason, and historical experiance and evidence, truth has never been more clear.

     Yet the task lies before us. Some will shy away from duty and others will show initiative. No such an endeavor can be engaged in without a strong vibrant support base, thus the absolute need for that to be established first.

     But before any of that, is the more important task of establishing and publishing expected standards. We're all born equals, sucking on our mothers breasts and going in a diaper. Society has a right to expect more than that. It used to be an understood thing in society of what it took to become an equal among men. This no longer exists. To return to a standard needs to be spelled out.

     I'm suggesting different levels due to age. 14,16,18,21,25. If you have the natural right of soveriegnty, for it to be accepted by society, an established code of professionalism is in order. While I've given this some thought, I've always known that it must come from a group of men seasoned by life, with discernment and respectability. With that said I'll put forth a few ideas.



14.  1. Initiate the taking of responcibility.

     2. No longer expect  reward or praise for doing duty.

     3. Understand that you never treat a woman as a prostitute for she cannot be one until a male treats her as one.

     4. Learn it's more important not to be a dumb ass moron than to learn to fight when someone else calls you one.

     5. The aquasition of knowledge is your responcibility, not someone elses duty.

     6. If you don't like being told what to do, recognize that it was your responcibility to know what to do in the first place.

     7. You don't have to have a solid plan layed out for your future, but you must prepare yourself, even more so if you take others along for your endeavor.

     8. Quit asking questions. Watching and figuring out why something is done the way it is done gives you an intuative understanding. Memorization of proceedures is worthless. It is up to you to start to think intuatively as some can teach concepts and others can't.

     9. Do you protect women, even from themselves?????

     10. Learn how to protect those younger than yourself from abuse. The age of consent is also the age of non consent. 




     While this is only an overview, when you consider what can be done using this format, this is the only way to proceed. Every thing is a waste of time so from a time management point of view, become informed, assemble a jural society, start electing our common law representatives and rebuild the unincorporated governments.


     Credit Unions are supposed to be the safest way to store money and plans to nationalize the banks if the need arises are in place, this must all be taken into context. When naughty children get mad, they will smash thier own toys. Nothing in life is certain but death and taxes.


     If you're part of the laity Chatholic, take note. The Archdioces have unlawfully transfered assets into corporations trying to shield themselves. This is a deep state ploy. Transfering assets into a corporation is giving them into posession of the deep state, the BRITISH CROWN CORPORATION. You donated this land and material wealth. This is part of a war between Anglicans and Chatholic Hierarchy. The procecutors and others will put on a dog and pony show, but this is a deep state siezure of your assets. The only way I know of right now is to reclaim the land and assets by converting them into the hands of the general public and then if desired sold off at public auction or be given to public use. This is the best scenario that seems to present itself so far, but this mess is mired in confusion and falsities. And even this might not be possible. Church Militant has done a good job of reporting on it, but I don't know if thier investigations are built well enough to be considered worthy of presented evidence or need to be improved. If you don't move soon, the untangling will be much harder. For the deep state this isn't about justice or equity, it is simply a profitable venture.


     It is difficult to trust as most peoples natural defences are on high alert. None of this requires me. The only way it will work is if everyone is knowledgeable in the concepts and proceedures. Check and double check each other same as you would before parachuting out of an airplane.


     The United States of America ( Unincorporated ) has the ability to charge money for use of our airwaves and fine those who abuse this privilage. The ability to fine Facebook and Google and others for limiting free speech is available. Thier our airwaves and infrastructure, not the deep states. You don't have to wait for the whole unincorporated government to be established to start taking action against free speech restriction over electronic airwaves. You have jurisdiction over you. If you have damages from restriction of distribution of speech you can make a claim against a company and present your case at a court of record. All courts of record can be used as common law courts. You have to present your case yourself. There isn't a judge but a magistrate thier only duty is to see to it the court proceedings are done constitutionaly. You can only claim damages that affect you and they have to be specified. You can demand to be made whole. There is no such thing as punitive damages or damages that cannot be proven. There is no such thing as a class action lawsuit. On a local scale once you have set up a jural assembly and filed all the right papers you can levy taxes and impose fines on anyone using the internet distribution system. The internet can't be shut off from your county and because thier actions are entering your jurisdiction you have say in thier operations. You own these rights, not the deep state. You can take lawful action to force them to pay for access and levy fines when violations occur. Again, only to make you whole, nothing more. Once you've organized enough jural assemblies in your state, you can increase the scope of taxes and fines for use in the whole state. This is how you rebuild your country, from the ground up.

     Natural law is instinct. You know what these people are doing is wrong. This is the only way to do this. People have been pushing back with the small stuff and that has been very benificial. The only way to get a picture of your enemy is to probe thier lines. If we make rare earths a foundation of a currency then they can't attack and cause harm. If thier paying thier side in fiat currency, most will jump ship, for they can provide no future. Every place they go they cause harm. Take care of the big problems and the small ones will take care of themselves. To exersize jurisdiction out side yourself all you need is about 30 people in your county or parish. That is a lot easier than to influence 51% of the sheeple.

     In the end, for the people who try to bring this to fruition, it won't be worth it. This is long term planning and the obstacles will be many. The only thing you'll have is before they shovel dirt over you, you did everything you could to make the world better for you having been in it.


This is only one of the many sites documenting US is a corporation.

This is the mothballed government coming back into existance. It has some pretty, flowerly language in it, but the substance is valid.

You may not think this lien is significant, yah, let them try to enforce it, yet here we are. I didn't include this to show thier strength, it's here to represent a glimpse inside thier minds. They think it has validity and thus thier followers do also.

Where are the feminists on this? This is only 2 of the multitude of girls whose future was denied them because of someone elses sick twisted venture.

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